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v0.5.0-beta.5 (Dazzling Daohugoupterus)

latest releases: v0.6.13, v0.6.12, v0.6.11...
pre-release4 years ago


  • File parsing now supports env.VARIABLE syntax as a shorter alternative to for egg configurations.
  • Adds support for inter-server private networking via Docker.


  • Changed container creation logic to ensure that servers with no swap space assigned do not get allocated swap.
  • Servers are now killed by default when they run out of disk space rather than being gracefully stopped.


  • OOM exceptions can no longer be disabled in Docker containers due to a startling number of users trying to use this to solve memory issues and causing more problems.

SHA256 Checksum

416049ad7fbf2eac778b03dc95bdca149fae4d75f26987ed4d9641ad4dc778ab  daemon.tar.gz

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