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v0.5.0 (Dazzling Daohugoupterus)

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4 years ago


  • Fixes an edge case scenario where a server's data directory might not exist when a container is created.
  • Fixes a bug that would prevent daemon boot if a docker image was missing and assigned to a server that needed to be rebuilt.
  • Fixes a bug prevent server installation when no script is defined.
  • Fixes bug causing packs to fail installation due to an unpacking issue.
  • Fixes support for symlinked files in the file manager and returns the proper mime type for them.
  • Fixes 404 error that would arise from bad symlinks in the server data directory.
  • Fixes race condition when attemping to boot a server after a rebuild has begun.
  • Fixes Cannot get length of undefined errors that would occasionally plauge certain servers on the daemon.
  • Fixes write after end error caused by race condition.
  • Fixes error caused by missing per cpu usage data.
  • Servers referencing a missing or empty configuration file will now still boot but be inoperable via the console.
  • Fixes a bug where times returned by file listing API endpoint were incorrect.


  • Adds support for Docker Weave setups.
  • Adds support for parsing files using XML format.
  • Server boot process now sets the correct ownership on files when the server is booted.
  • Files uploaded via SFTP are now blocked if there is not enough server space available to store it.
  • File parsing now supports env.VARIABLE syntax as a shorter alternative to for egg configurations.
  • Adds support for inter-server private networking via Docker.
  • Added more data integrity checks when running a server. These changes make it impossible to boot a server that has an invalid service option configuration.
  • SFTP is now handled internally within the Daemon rather than relying on a Docker SFTP container. Authentication is performed using a Panel user.


  • Changed container creation logic to ensure that servers with no swap space assigned do not get allocated swap.
  • Servers are now killed by default when they run out of disk space rather than being gracefully stopped.
  • Authentication now uses dynamically changing tokens issued by the Panel.
  • All API routes now prefixed with v1/.
  • Service options now use the new panel structure and are stored in src/services/configs/<uuid>.json. All existing servers will need to be updated, the panel ships with a command to do this.
  • Rebuilding a server now allows the service to be changed on the fly and re-applied.
  • Server data is now stored in /srv/daemon-data/<uuid> rather than /srv/daemon-data/<username>/data by default.


  • OOM exceptions can no longer be disabled in Docker containers due to a startling number of users trying to use this to solve memory issues and causing more problems.

SHA256 Checksum

594571975dd6f941ddea730ed144752c6685285d7d374d1f165d7af614b33413  daemon.tar.gz

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