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v0.4.4 (Candid Comodactylus)

latest releases: v0.6.13, v0.6.12, v0.6.11...
4 years ago



  • Fixes a bug with certain NGINX configurations that would cause a 404 error when attempting to access a service's configuration files.
  • Should fix a bug causing servers to not be created correctly on first daemon boot due to a missing SFTP docker container.


  • Adds support for deleting multiple files at once via the API. This currently is not used by anything, but paves a path for a future panel update.
  • Adds support for yarn package installer, but does not require this installation method.
  • Added more verbose error logging when there is an issue connecting to the panel to help with debugging issues.
  • Added support for Nodejs v8


  • Cleaned up boot order to be more logical and output information in the correct order.
  • Added a cleaner error message if docker does not appear to be running rather than a confusing stack trace.
  • Updated multiple dependencies to the latest version.

SHA256 Checksum

d08a43ab6d21173fe01ff2dac31398c1aaacb989136e8c338d3ba9571a4819b9  v0.4.4.tar.gz

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