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v0.4.0-rc.1 (Candid Comodactylus)

latest releases: v0.6.13, v0.6.12, v0.6.11...
pre-release5 years ago


  • Support for running service scripts when installing a server for the first time.
  • Support for reinstalling a server with a given service and option configuration.
  • Ability to use the host network stack if needed. Allows containers to access resources on without having to do any routing. This option should only be used in private environments as it allows a container access to the host network stack.
  • Support for working disk limits that pevent server booting, and stop a server automatically if it is found to be violating limits.


  • Use /daemon for all calls to the panel, rather than /remote.

SHA256 Checksum

74ebb579bdd28ead2bebd1415b84ab738941e3261d1059bf94062452f3e739f8  Daemon-0.4.0-rc.1.tar.gz

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