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pre-release5 years ago

This is pre-release software. Do not use this on a mission critical server where you cannot handle bugs or potential downtime or data loss!


  • Updated dependencies to latest versions.
  • [pre.1] — Server boot now checks if service files exist for the server and if not throws a fatal error.
  • [pre.1] — Packs are now deleted if the hashes are different and a new one is being downloaded.


  • Fixes potential bug with CPU math if no object is defined.
  • Fixes bug with test suite due to missing eslint rule.
  • Fixes crash that might occur if a server fails to install a docker container and is then deleted.


  • Removes mmmagic dependency in favor of just checking the file extension as any potential mime bypassing is mitigated by low-level processes.

SHA256 Checksum

1a38032f74f83753fa661dfeccc88bbaa398a466897191eacfcc212d6d909c18  Daemon-0.4.0-pre.2.tar.gz

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