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v0.4.0-beta.1 (Candid Comodactylus)

latest releases: v0.6.13, v0.6.12, v0.6.11...
pre-release5 years ago


  • Fixes issue with private docker registries being applied to all images on the system when pulling.
  • [pre.3] — Failed pack downloads/installs no longer cause the server to throw an error and fail installation.


  • Docker containers are now named after the SFTP username to ease finding those servers in the listing.


  • Servers can now auto-start on completion of the install process.
  • Errors encountered when parsing files during pre-flight are now thrown to the console websocket to be displated to users.
  • Server status changes are now displayed in the console stream, as well as clearer docker connection updates.

SHA256 Checksum

729ae500081760eb15d0b9d26c291982dfc6ad5edeb55e8764c38bc8fc14d69c  Daemon-0.4.0-beta.1.tar.gz

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