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v0.4.0 (Candid Comodactylus)

latest releases: v0.6.13, v0.6.12, v0.6.11...
5 years ago


  • Fixes a race condition that would cause duplicate socket streams for data output and generally confuse both the panel and daemon.
  • Fixes a race condition when booting SFTP subsystem container.
  • socketio-file-upload bumped to 0.6.0 in order to address a potential issue in file uploads in Chrome.
  • Fixes potential bug with CPU math if no object is defined.
  • Fixes bug with test suite due to missing eslint rule.
  • Fixes crash that might occur if a server fails to install a docker container and is then deleted.
  • Fixes issue with private docker registries being applied to all images on the system when pulling.


  • Minor version updates to multiple dependencies (no change in daemon function).
  • SFTP subsystem now looking for container based on assigned ID and if a container is not found it will also attempt to locate it by image name before trying to create a new container.
  • Updated dependencies to latest versions.
  • Docker containers are now named after the SFTP username to ease finding those servers in the listing.
  • Provide cleaner errors when a server is not found on the system. Return HTTP/404 if server is missing, and HTTP/400 if the headrs are invalid.
  • Use /daemon for all calls to the panel, rather than /remote.


  • Service configuration files are now retrieved from the panel the daemon is associated with rather than being locally managed. Any changes are automatically pulled on daemon boot.
  • Daemon configuration is now possible using npm run-script configure to contact remote panel and collect the configuration file.
  • Support for sending commands and receiving server log over websockets.
  • Servers can now auto-start on completion of the install process.
  • Errors encountered when parsing files during pre-flight are now thrown to the console websocket to be displated to users.
  • Server status changes are now displayed in the console stream, as well as clearer docker connection updates.
  • Support for running service scripts when installing a server for the first time.
  • Support for reinstalling a server with a given service and option configuration.
  • Ability to use the host network stack if needed. Allows containers to access resources on without having to do any routing. This option should only be used in private environments as it allows a container access to the host network stack.
  • Support for working disk limits that pevent server booting, and stop a server automatically if it is found to be violating limits.


  • Gamedig removed due to lack of updates and multiple security vulnerabilities in dependencies.
  • Removed unused is-json dependency.

SHA256 Checksum

88d20fa7f223a540c52c9b0b06c6bb2a802ded12efb00fd1e25998a27fac555d  Daemon-0.4.0.tar.gz

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