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v0.3.3 (Barefoot Barbosania)

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5 years ago


  • Daemon now checks if it is up-to-date when booting.


  • Fixes hardcoded path for SFTP containers that was causing a whole host of issues on some systems.
  • Fixes previously known issue where decompressing large files through the file manager throws a EMFILE: too many open files error.
  • Fixes permissions and error response for URLs.


  • Updates dependencies across the platform.
  • Docker containers are now named with the template <sftp username>:<randomstring:3> for easier identification when running docker ps (-a).
  • Changes to deletion and creation function to run certain aspects in parallel to increase speed by utilizing Most notable in the delete function.
  • Compression and Decompression now use native tar and unzip modules to reduce memory footprint and keep things speedy.
  • Chown function now uses native module for speed and reliability purposes.
  • Startup function modified to run more processes in parallel where possible to cut down on startup time.


  • Daemon now requires Nodejs v6 or v7 to run. Previous versions are no longer supported.
  • Daemon no longer supports Windows ecosystems due to changes in chown and compression functions.

SHA256 Checksum

ea64059a5645805b3ac88ad08c7852b8e329c5e59e6108e1344ba971c002ed56  Daemon-0.3.3.tar.gz

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