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v0.3.0 Release Candidate #1

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pre-release5 years ago

v0.3.0-rc.1 (Barefoot Barbosania)

This is the first release candidate for Daemon@0.3.0 and is considered to be feature complete. No new features will be added to the 0.3.0 line. This release is focused on finding and fixing any remaining bugs in the system. If there are few or no bugs we will continue on to an official production-ready release.

This release requires Panel@0.5.0-rc.1.

Known Issues

  • Decompressing large files through the file manager throws a EMFILE: too many open files error.


  • Added method to handle assigning a percent extra memory to containers based on the current allocated. Should help with Minecraft servers hitting OOM when java attempts to allocate a bit over the hard limit.
  • Support for ARK Servers.


  • Changed some docker container creation options to prevent fork-bombing as well as prevent additional routes for privilege escalation in containers.
  • Changed server startup async pathway to call onStarting not onStart. onStart is now called when server is marked as started.


  • Properly call onStop, onStarting, and onStart when server actions occur.
  • Fix decompressing files setting the wrong permissions on extractions.

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