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v0.3.0 Pre-Release #1

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pre-release5 years ago

v0.3.0-pre.1 (Barefoot Barbosania)

This is still a highly unstable version of Pterodactyl Daemon. Normal users should continue to use v0.2.1 until a stable v0.3.0 release is out. This release is primarily for beta testers to play with new features and report bugs.

This version requires Panel@0.5.0-pre.1.


  • Servers now report core stats when starting and wait for performing query.
  • Query failures no longer spam log, and can be configured to kill servers after a set number of
    consecutive failures (or just keep on trucking).
  • Daemon now defaults to checking for updated docker images unless specifically configured otherwise.
  • The following API Endpoints have been modified:
    • GET /server/file/<file path> -> GET /server/file/f/<file path>
    • POST /server/file/<file path> -> POST /server/file/save with path: /path/to/saveas.txt and contents: file contents
    • DELETE /server/file/<file path> -> DELETE /server/file/f/<file path>
    • GET /server/download/<token> -> GET /server/file/download/<token>

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