github psy0rz/zfs_autobackup v3.2.2

latest releases: v3.3-beta3, v3.3-beta2
10 months ago

New in v3.2:

  • --help output is split up in nice sections now.
  • Moved documentation to wiki and split it up.
  • Allow non-recursive selection of datasets by setting autobackup:name=parent. (usefull for /var/lib/docker)

New tools, still in progress:

  • zfs-check: a tool to generate checksum streams of zfs datasets, to compare datasets with eachother. (Will be used in conjuction with zfs-autoverify) This still has issue #176 and #206
  • Prepared for zfs-autoverify tool to actually verify your backups. (this took some refactoring and extracting common code to a ZfsAuto baseclass) Still work in progress.

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