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pre-release4 years ago

Changed in rc11:

  • Completed regression testing, fixes #49
  • Added detection of pool features, and automatic resume support (--resume option not needed anymore)
  • Removed soon to be deprecated zfs recv -D option.
  • Various small fixes (stale filehandles etc)

Recent changes:

  • Fix: common snapshot could get deleted. (this happend due to a recent change in zfs-autobackup)
  • Also thin out target-datasets that dont exist on the source anymore.
  • Fix: Return correct error code, indicating the number of failed datasets.
  • Fix: Flush all outputs to make sure stdout and stderr are synced.
  • Automaticly enable --progress if output is a TTY.
  • exposed --min-change value as a parameter. (was hardcoded at 200000)
  • Issue #25, disable colors on non-tty
  • added --no-send option. snapshots that are obsolete are now destroyed at the beginning of each dataset-transfer. this allows using --no-send as way to just thinout old snapshots. cleaned up stderr output when resuming.
  • Added support for custom ssh client config
  • Improved --rollback and incompatible snapshot detection. added --destroy-incompatible.
  • --min-change is now has 1 instead of 200000 as default. fixes #37
  • added thinner documentation and cleared up thinner output texts.

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