github psy0rz/zfs_autobackup v3.0-beta1

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pre-release4 years ago

New in v3:

  • Complete rewrite, cleaner object oriented code.
  • Python 3 and 2 support.
  • Backwards compatible with your current backups and parameters.
  • Progressive thinning (via a destroy schedule. default schedule should be fine for most people)
  • Cleaner output, with optional color support (pip install colorama).
    • Clear distinction between local and remote output.
    • Summary at the beginning, displaying what will happen and the current thinning-schedule.
  • More effient destroying/skipping snaphots on the fly. (no more space issues if your backup is way behind)
  • Progress indicator (--progress)
  • Better property management (--set-properties and --filter-properties)
  • Better resume handling, automaticly abort invalid resumes.
  • More robust error handling.
  • Prepared for future enhanchements.

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