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PrusaSlicer 2.8.0-beta1

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This is the first public beta release of PrusaSlicer 2.8.0. This release introduces Prusa Connect integration and many more improvements and bugfixes.

To let you enjoy the beta without worries, the beta builds save their profiles into PrusaSlicer-beta directory, so you may use the beta side by side with the current release without ruining your production configuration. The beta will ask whether it should import a configuration from previously run PrusaSlicer versions on the first start.

An important note for Linux users: As with the 2.8.0-alpha5, the provided binaries will not run on newest Ubuntu 24.04 (and possibly other latest distributions). Solving problems with all dependencies is more work than originally expected, and we do not want to postpone releasing the beta because of it.

Vertical slider improvements

After the feedback received from 2.8.0-alpha5 testing, further changes to the vertical slider were made:

  • The time estimate on hover was already available in the alpha, but it was disabled by default and the possibility to enable it in the slider menu (accessible by the cog button below it) was not obvious. This feature is now on by default. #12823, #12827
  • The ruler indicating where the individual layers are was added again. It can be turned on in the slider menu (#12836).
  • The appearance of the ruler can be further customized - there is an option to enable and disable background.
  • Clicking the plus on the slider handle does not move the slider and always adds a color change (#12837).
  • All the custom slider settings are now remembered between sessions (#12827 (comment)).

We would like to thank for the feedback we got and we hope that these improvements address most of the issues that were reported.

Other improvements with respect to 2.8.0-alpha5

  • Print speed limitation for infill was added into Filament Settings -> Advanced. Two separate values can be entered - one for infill islands with intersection, one for islands without. The reason for this change is that intersections in the same layer cannot be printed properly at speed, because the molten filament tears at the intersections. This effect is especially noticeable with some materials, the most important example being PET. Until now, the only way to slow the print down in Filament Settings was to use Max volumetric speed, which in effect slowed down the whole print. By distinguishing between crossing and non-crossing infill, it is now possible to increase the general volumetric speed limit and increase overall speed as a result.

  • The login into Prusa Account is no longer done in external browser window. Instead, the dialog shows directly in PrusaSlicer to streamline the workflow, and the user is thus not forced to switch between PrusaSlicer and the browser. Note that the login website will be improved in near future to blend in with the application more naturally. It should also help to solve issues such as #12853.

  • In addition to that, the login dialog now shows in Configuration Wizard as well, because logging is part of configuring the slicer to use. The login is of course still completely optional and can be skipped.

  • Login button in the top right corner can now be hidden, so people not interested in using Prusa Account are not bothered by it. There is an option in Preferences to do that, and before you log in for the first time, this option is also in the Log in menu to make it easily discoverable.

  • Speed and volumetric flow rate were added to the info dialog at the horizontal slider in the G-code Viewer (#12840).

Bug fixes with respect to 2.8.0-alpha5

  • When performing text manipulation with an embossed text volumes (such as changing skew ratio), any painting previously applied to the object was broken, which could even cause PrusaSlicer to crash. PrusaSlicer now removes all such painting and shows a notification similar to the one shows when e.g. simplifying the volume.
  • Standalone G-code Viewer did not show progress bar when loading G-code (broken between 2.7.5-rc1 and 2.8.0-alpha5).
  • Fixed a rare crash during slicing caused by numerical problems with Voronoi diagrams (#12686).
  • Fixed a rare crash during slicing caused by a corner case during bridge expansion step (#12469).
  • When saving a modified user preset under a name of an already existing different profile, the changes were not saved.
  • Fixed a bug in the Emboss tool, which would "emboss" text on an object that was already deleted (after a specific sequence of actions).
  • Fixed mangled encoding in error messages informing that a local update file was not found.
  • Profile updates were incorrectly not applied when a new vendor was added through online update only. This is an old bug introduced before 2.8.0-alpha5.
  • Fixed a race condition which could have led to Prusa Connect website not loading.
  • Fixed a bug in the new seam algorithm: when seam position was set to Nearest, the algorithm would ignore a near corner in some cases.

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