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PrusaSlicer 2.7.3-beta1

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This is the first beta release of PrusaSlicer 2.7.3, which fixes bugs found in the previous alpha. Please, read the change log of 2.7.3-alpha1 for the complete list of bugfixes and improvements over 2.7.2.

To let you enjoy the beta without worries, the beta builds save their profiles into PrusaSlicer-beta directory, so you may use the beta side by side with the current release without ruining your production configuration. The beta will ask whether it should import a configuration from previously run PrusaSlicer versions on the first start.

Bug fixes with respect to 2.7.3-alpha1

  • The z offset configuration option was not correctly accounted for when doing the last filament unload above the wipe tower.
  • Fixed crash when importing a specific config bundle while in SLA mode.
  • Linux specific: When changing active profile using the dropdown in the right panel, the dropdown would stay open when Unsaved Changes dialog was shown.
  • The improvements of spiral vase mode handling introduced in the previous alpha did not work correctly with absolute extruder addressing (#2841 (comment)). They are now only applied with relative extruder addressing, otherwise it falls back to the old behaviour.
  • After performing a toolchange on the wipe tower, a G-code to set layer z is now always emitted. This is to make sure that the layer z is correct and that it was not changed in custom toolchange G-code. While the user is expected to pass such information in the custom G-code, the "z-ensuring" G-code was present in previous versions and removing it in 2.7.2 was therefore a needless breaking change (#12361).
  • Fixed blobs on the first layer when using ramping travels with absolute extruder addressing enabled.
  • Fixed issues with 'avoid crossing perimeters' function (#12432). This problem was actually fixed in 2.7.3-alpha1 already.


  • Linux specific: The desktop integration code inside PrusaSlicer can now be disabled at compile time. This is useful when deploying the application using Flakpak, because it can take care of the desktop integration itself. Thanks to @eliadevito for providing a PR (#12252) and maintaining the Flatpak build.


  • Updated CS, DE, ES, FR, IT, PL, JA dictionaries.

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