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This is the first beta release of PrusaSlicer 2.7.0. It brings small improvements and fixes several bugs found in the first alpha. Read the change log of 2.7.0-alpha1 for complete list of changes with respect to 2.6.1.

To let you enjoy the beta without worries, the beta builds save their profiles into PrusaSlicer-beta directory, so you may use the beta side by side with the current release without ruining your production configuration. The beta will ask whether it should import a configuration from previously run PrusaSlicer versions on the first start.

Important note for Original Prusa MINI, MK4 and XL owners: The new configuration update of our system profiles will enable binary G-code and G2/G3 features. Users using older firmware need to update to 5.1.0-alpha2 or later or manually turn these features off. On older firmware, new binary G-code is not visible or recognized and the G2/G3 G-codes may not work perfectly.

Travel moves improvements

To help fight stringing and oozing deposition, PrusaSlicer now implements ramping travel moves. Previously you could set just the Lift height (Printer Settings->Extruder) which resulted in the print head lifting up before each travel move and then returning back down after the travel move. Such lift could result in undesirable stringing, especially while using wider nozzles. Now you can use the new ramping lift which ensures that the print head lifts up gradually during the travel.

The feature can be turned on in Printer Settings->Extruder for each extruder you are using in the new Travel lift section. You can override the setting for each filament in the Filament overrides section. The ramping travel is parametrized by an angle and a maximal ramping lift:

The ramping travel moves are now enabled in our system profiles for Original Prusa XL.

To fully harness the stringing reduction potential of the ramping travels moves a new layer change strategy is implemented while the ramping travel moves are active. Instead of going straight up to the next layer the printer head follows a helical ("screw thread") trajectory while changing layers. This feature is on by default once the ramping travel move is used.
The helical travel move was inspired by the same feature in BambuStudio. Thanks to bambulab for the idea.

Other improvements with respect to 2.7.0-alpha1

  • After we collected feedback to the UI improvements presented in the previous alpha, we did several tweaks to the combo boxes. They react better to keyboard input, the spacing of the items is smaller, the scrollbar has been made wider and it allows dragging by mouse (#11499, #11505).
  • Arrange is now faster in processing more complex scenarios (#11360).
  • The thumbnails in the G-code are now colored correctly even when using the painting tool.
  • A notification suggesting to upload Wi-Fi configuration data is opened when USB flash drive containing the configuration file is inserted. PrusaSlicer is then able to append the Wi-Fi data into the file.
  • When PrusaConnect print host is selected in the Physical Printer dialog, the Browse button is now hidden as it would make little sense. When confirming the dialog, the URL field is checked and if it contains anything different from, the user is asked to confirm that it is intentional.
  • A notification suggesting to upload Wi-Fi configuration data is opened when USB flash drive containing the configuration file is inserted. PrusaSlicer is then able to append the Wi-Fi data into the file.
  • The SVG dialog contains an extra button "Face the camera", which rotates the SVG so it is perpendicular to current view direction.
  • Trying to exporting ASCII G-code with binary G-code extension or vice versa is now reported as an error (#11498).
  • Colors of selected volumes in the scene were slightly changed so the negative volumes are visible even when selected (#11496).

Bug fixes with respect to 2.7.0-alpha1

  • The new "Wi-Fi Configuration File" dialog did not show correctly in dark mode and it did not use the new UI controls.
  • Cancel object G-codes were not correctly emitted for RepRapFirmware and the objects were not labeled as a result (#11492).
  • In some scenarios, an item in a combo box was duplicated.
  • When using the cut tool and assigning a part of the model to the other side, connectors were missing after slicing (#11415, #11487).
  • Fixed a rare crash when using 'Split to Objects' (#11484).
  • Password authentication did not work correctly when sending G-code to Duet SBC (#10061).
  • Perimeters were not generated when using Arachne perimeter generator with specific configuration (#11082, #11510).
  • The wipe tower was not generated correctly when non-zero extruder offset was used.
  • Number of tool changes in the statistics only showed when the wipe tower was enabled (#6832).
  • When slicing with the wipe tower enabled and then disabling it, PrusaSlicer sometimes ended up in an infinite loop.
  • Fixed incorrect label object markers at the start of the G-code when it was set to "OctoPrint comments" and the firmware flavor was Klipper (#11569).
  • Fixed a UI glitch related to the scrollbar in Preferences dialog (#11566).
  • Fixed invalid link to Organic Supports documentation (#11555).
  • When using the experimental option "Wipe tower with no sparse layers", a travel move to the wipe tower was sometimes missing, which resulted in the print head digging into the last printed object (#11089).
  • Spin controls which allow setting the value negative now accept minus sign input from the keyboard (#11574).
  • When configuring a physical printer, the IP address was not always correctly read from the text field, resulting in failed uploads later on.
  • Fixed a crash when slicing a sinking object with multiple instances (#11562).
  • Fixed synchronization of instances when rotating an instance in Object Coordinates.
  • Fixed a bug resulting in monotonic infill was not being monotonic (#11565).
  • Fixed crash in multi-material painting gizmo and during generating multicolor thumbnails when number of extruders was changed.


  • 3DBenchy model and template models for signs were added to Shape Gallery.


  • Updated POT file for community translators.

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