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PrusaSlicer 2.6.0-beta4

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This is the next beta release of PrusaSlicer 2.6.0, introducing G-code collision detection and fixing bugs found in beta3. See the release logs of 2.6.0-alpha2, 2.6.0-alpha3, 2.6.0-alpha4, 2.6.0-alpha5, 2.6.0-alpha6, 2.6.0-beta1, 2.6.0-beta2 and 2.6.0-beta3 for the complete list of changes with respect to 2.5.2.

To let you enjoy the beta without worries, the beta builds save their profiles into the PrusaSlicer-beta directory, so you may use the beta side by side with the current release without ruining your production configuration. When you first run the beta, it will search for all configurations produced by alpha or final versions and offer to create a copy of the latest one.

Conflict detection for toolpaths

PrusaSlicer now performs a check for colliding toolpaths after slicing. This prevents print failures when multiple objects (or their supports) intersect and would be printed one over the other (e.g. #316, #10148 and many others). The feature works for all instances of all objects, their supports and the wipe tower. A notification is shown in case an intersection is detected, but it is still possible to export the G-code (the user may decide that it is insignificant, or even intentional). The feature was ported from BambuStudio, thanks to @bambulab for the initial implementation.

Other improvements with respect to 2.6.0-beta3

  • An error dialog was added when saving of a project file fails. #10688
  • When using the "Import ZIP file" and selecting a 3MF project, the project is opened. Previous versions would offer to import the individual files instead, which makes little sense in case of a 3MF project.
  • Sorting profile names in Configuration wizard and in combo boxes has been changed to case insensitive sorting.
  • After using Cut tool, only the cut object parts are rearranged (previous versions rearranged all objects) #10620

Bugs fixed with respect to 2.6.0-beta3

  • When using the Cut tool with the selective cut, negative volumes and modifiers did not always scale correctly.
  • Internal bridges did not always correcly connect to perimeters. #10231
  • Merging object parts together did not work correctly when the parts had mirroring applied to them.
  • It was not always possible to uniformly scale an object after cutting, which is now fixed. #10667
  • The wipe tower preview shown in the 3D scene was shown even when the wipe tower was not actually used in the print.
  • The horizontal slider in G-code Viewer did not always allow to view all moves in the layer. The problem mostly appeared when viewing G-codes from different slicers than PrusaSlicer.
  • macOS specific: Fixed a crash when sending files to print host on older macOS systems. #10713
  • Fixed tiny gaps sometimes appearing in bridging infill.



  • Added MK4IS profiles for MK4 with input shaper

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