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PrusaSlicer 2.6.0-alpha4

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This is the 3rd public alpha release of PrusaSlicer 2.6.0. It mostly fixes bugs found in previous alphas, but there are also improvements, especially related to the Cut tool. For new features in the 2.6.0 series, please read the release logs of 2.6.0-alpha2 and 2.6.0-alpha3.

To let you enjoy the alpha without worries, the alpha builds save their profiles into PrusaSlicer-alpha directory, so you may use the alpha side by side with the current release without ruining your production configuration.

Cut Tool Improvements

  • The Cut tool dialog layout was changed to be easier to comprehend
  • Upper and lower part of the object are now highlighted in color
  • Added a possibility to cut the object into parts - in that case, connectors cannot be placed and the parts retain its position within the object. Thanks @jschuh for this idea (presented in #9564).
  • The controls of the tool obscured the object when it was small #9657
  • Added a functionality "Flip cut plane" to easily add pins to the other side of the plane #9632
  • The cut tool now works even when the cutting plane does not intersect any volume of the object, so the tool can be used to separate parts into multiple objects without actually cutting anything. This is the same behavior as in 2.5.0. #9629
  • When placing connectors in the new Cut tool, the tolerance is now entered in absolute values #9697
  • The cut plane is now highlighted on hover, it is newly possible to move it by dragging.
  • If the object is cut into parts or when it does not have any connectors, the "lock" of scaling of the resulting parts is not applied #9633
  • Performance improvements

Other improvements with respect to 2.6.0-alpha3

  • The option "Clip multipart objects" was removed. PrusaSlicer now always behaves as if it was ON. This option was a candidate for removal for a long time, and the new algorithms we implemented for the 2.6 series are no longer compatible with it. We believe that there is really no reason to not clip the objects and we have seen many cases where leaving it OFF accidentally led to unexpected results (overlapping extrusions) #9679, #8779, #3872
  • Increased sensitivity of the curled overhang avoidance algorithm
  • 'Set Number of Instances' now works when multiple objects are selected #6994
  • Organic supports are now consistently referred to as 'Organic'
  • Organic supports parameters are now grayed out when different style of supports is selected
  • It is newly possible to set acceleration separately for external perimeters, solid infill and top solid infill (Print Settings->Speed->Acceleration control)

Bugs fixed with respect to 2.6.0-alpha3

  • Extra perimeters on overhangs sometimes overlapped with infill #9604
  • Fixed an occasional crash when using Organic supports with specific settings #9555
  • Fixed a crash during slicing when certain strings were present in custom G-codes. This was also a problem in previous versions, but instead of a crash, incorrect cooling logic might have been applied in these cases #9470, #9550
  • The "Export plate as STL including supports" option was grayed out in the menu when the object only had pad and no supports #9558
  • Organic supports: All contours are CCW oriented, inner contours are printed before outer contours.
  • Fixed crash in Organic supports with a single support layer only #9557
  • Linux specific: The new "idle_temperature" option in Filament Settings did not behave correctly when checked and unchecked (UI glitches).
  • Fixed a rare crash during slicing with specific geometries #9561, #9562
  • "Verbose G-Code" option produced invalid G-Code when "Dynamic overhang speed" was enabled #9588, #9610
  • Cooling slowdown was applied incorrectly when "Dynamic overhang speed" was enabled #9594, #9485
  • "Dynamic overhang speed" would set speed to zero if the speed was percentage based and external perimeter speed was set to 0 (auto). Thanks @MGunlogson for helpful investigation of this issue in #9622.
  • "Dynamic overhang speed" could violate (volumetric) speed limits #9709. Thanks @MGunlogson for helpful investigation of this issue in #9622.
  • "Dynamic overhang speed" did not work correctly with Pressure equalizer feature #9485, #9563.
  • The "optional" config option idle_temperature now retains its value when disabled and enabled again. If the value cannot be recovered (e.g. after switching to different tab), a value of 30 is used as a default instead of 1500. Previously, the value would change to 1500 (maximum allowed temperature) when the option was reenabled. Same fix was applied to options in Filament Overrides.
  • When using the Cut tool on a model that was scaled, the manipulation arrows in the scene had incorrect size and the plane was not exactly in its correct position.
  • Fixed double-printing of support layers in specific scenarios with soluble supports and interface layers #9647
  • Organic support branches sometimes intersected interface layers
  • Organic supports did not correctly work when using "Enforce supports for the first N layers" option #9477
  • Organic supports did not correctly work when using "Don't support bridges" option #9493
  • Various bugfixes and improvements of the Organic supports, thanks @ThomasRahm
  • Organic supports ignored overhangs in specific cases, thanks @ThomasRahm #9459
  • Fixed missing update of sidebar panel after orienting an object using Place on Face tool
  • Experimental option "Wipe tower with no sparse layers" did not work correctly and was causing missing layers in the print #9592 #9703
  • The Cut tool could not be applied consecutively when the previous cut placed exactly one connector #9576
  • Fix of Physical Printer Dialog: When closing and reopening the dialog, "Host Type" field was incorrectly changed #9695
  • The new placeholder is_extruder_used introduced in 2.6.0-alpha2 was not expanded correctly in some cases.
  • Several issues with object manipulation were fixed (mostly affecting mirrored objects) #9702
  • Linux specific: Desktop integration and URL registration are now separated.
  • Layout fixes in the Preview dialog when an archive is being opened.
  • Fixed freezing during brim generation for specific geometries #9651
  • Windows specific: Selected item in Search dialog was unreadable when using dark mode
  • The new autopainting of supports did not work correctly when raft was enabled
  • Fixed a crash with specific geometries and elephant foot compensation enabled

Bugs fixed with respect to 2.5.0

  • Linux specific: desktop integration was failing when $XDG_DATA_HOME and $XDG_DATA_DIRS environment variables were undefined #9565, #9584
  • Windows specific: Fixed UI glitch in PhysicalPrinterDialog when changing the printer selection
  • Extruder temperature was occasionally shown incorrectly in Preview when using single extruder multi material #8324, #9597
  • Fixed a false positive error report about "Calling AppConfig::save() from a worker thread", appearing when using VM and specific nVidia drivers #7839, #9178, #9370, #9420


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