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PrusaSlicer PrusaSlicer 2.3.0-beta1


This is the first beta release of PrusaSlicer 2.3.0, following 2.3.0-alpha1, 2.3.0-alpha2, 2.3.0-alpha3 and 2.3.0-alpha4. This release mostly fixes bugs found in previous alphas. For the new features in the 2.3.0 series, please read the release logs of the 2.3.0 alphas.

To let you enjoy the beta without worries, the beta builds save their profiles into PrusaSlicer-beta directory, so you may use the beta side by side with the current release without ruining your production configuration. If upgrading from any of the PrusaSlicer 2.3.0 alpha release, you may consider to rename your PrusaSlicer-alpha directory to PrusaSlicer-beta.

Improvements with respect to PrusaSlicer 2.3.0-alpha4

  • The stand-alone G-Code Viewer newly understands G-code annotations produced by KISSlicer to indentify types of extrusions.
  • The stand-alone G-Code Viewer newly shows per layer time estimates on the vertical slider for G-codes produced by Cura, Simplify3D, CraftWare and ideaMaker.
  • Previous alphas introduced hyperlinks from parameter pages to Prusa3D Knowledge Base. The hyperlink tooltip newly shows the description of the parameter in addition to the hyperlink, while it only showed the URL in alpha4.
  • Clicking the parameter hyperlink in configuration pages opens a dialog to confirm that the user wants to browse the online help. This dialog was already present in alpha4, but it only showed once and remembered the answer, while it newly offers an explicit 'Remember my choice' checkbox.
  • Wipe moves can newly be visualized in G-code preview when enabled in the bottom dropdown. This only works for G-codes produced by PrusaSlicer 2.3.0-beta1, as it relies on new WIPE_START / WIPE_END G-code decorations.
  • When drag & dropping a file onto PrusaSlicer application window, the application is newly brought to the top, so that the new dialog asking how to import the 3MF file (as project, as config file, or just import geometries) will be immediately accessible.
  • The new 'Fill print bed with instances' function and the arrangement with rotations are now faster and more reliable. The new Arrange dialog indicates (slow) at the "enable rotations" checkbox.
  • Windows specific: Configuration Wizard now allows to control associations of 3MF and STL files with PrusaSlicer, and to associate G-codes with the PrusaSlicer's own stand-alone G-code viewer. The file associations are also configurable at the Preferences dialog.
  • Legacy 3DConnection support on Windows and OSX: On Windows and OSX, PrusaSlicer communicates with the 3DConnexion driver to receive events from the 3DConnexion devices. 3DConnexion is continuously dropping support for their legacy products (sic!) and an old 3DConnexion device often produces incorrectly scaled events through the driver. We have resurrected our own configuration dialog to set the scaling of each axis. This configuration dialog is now available only if the 3DConnexion legacy mode is enabled in PrusaSlicer preferences. For the devices supported by the 3DConnexion driver it is recommended to configure the 3DConnexion settings in the 3DConnexion driver. (#4892, #4899)
  • A new parameter was added to control the length of the infill anchors: the old "infill_anchor" controls the length of the short anchor at the end of an infill line, while the new "infill_anchor_max" controls the length of an anchor connecting two infill lines, which is usually longer than the first one. More details are to be found in the tooltips of the respective parameter fields. For Prusa3D printers, the infill_anchor is set to 2.5 mm, while the infill_anchor_max is set to 12 mm for the common 0.4 mm diameter nozzle bore.

Bugs fixed, reported for PrusaSlicer 2.3.0-alpha4

  • Fixed a crash in the new algorithm for anchoring infill lines to inner perimeters. This unfortunate bug was introduced in alpha4. (#5208, #5226, #5229, #5240, #5244, #5245, #5246, #5250, #5257, #5263, #5283, #5288, #5289, #5290, #5292)
  • Fixed monotonic infill, which sometimes left gaps near the boundaries of the filled area. (#5225, #5259)
  • Right-click context menu in the scene no more shows for the wipe tower. It allowed to access options not supported for the wipe tower such as conversion to imperial units, leading to crashes. (#5234)
  • G-code preview sometimes showed incorrect colors for a multi-material print. This bug was introduced in alpha4. (#5236)
  • Arrangement did not work correctly with the wipe tower. This bug was introduced between 2.2.0 and 2.3.0-alpha1. (#5207, #5216).
  • Fixed bug in texture mipmap compression, which could have caused some crashes.
  • The preset and other combo boxes in the plater sidebar no longer react to mouse wheel scroll events. The old behavior was surprising, especially if a vertical scroll bar was active for the side bar on a small screen, where the user would expect to scroll the whole side bar. (#5231)
  • The new ruler on the vertical slider (introduced in alpha4) showed too few labels for small objects.
  • Editing SLA physical printer incorrectly showed FDM printer profile as a base.
  • Custom seam caused the slicing process to hang with complex geometries. (#5067)
  • Custom seam did not work correctly when raft was enabled or several objects with different layer height were present. (#5112, #5014)
  • Random seam was broken in previous alphas, it was not random for single-perimeter walls. (#5003)
  • Linux, macOS: make install did not correctly create the G-code viewer symlink when provided with user defined destination through DESTDIR environment variable. (#5238) thanks @Marqart
  • OSX specific: Drag & dropping a project file onto Finder icon did not work with Single instance enabled and if PrusaSlicer was already running.
  • OSX specific, Big Sur: Fixed some font issues by patching wxWidgets (prusa3d/wxWidgets@5ceb8d8, prusa3d/wxWidgets@cd9f140, #5189)
  • Fixed HTTP digest authentication on Linux and OSX. HTTP digest authentication was disabled for libcurl builds by mistake.
  • Some tracing info on G-code export was incorrectly shown as errors. (#5254)
  • Gyroid infill was dropping short infill segments. Walls with narrow infill regions were not connected at all.

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