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PrusaSlicer 2.3.0-alpha2

3 years ago

PrusaSlicer PrusaSlicer 2.3.0-alpha2


This is the second alpha release of PrusaSlicer 2.3.0, following 2.3.0-alpha1. This alpha adds several new features and improvements and it fixes bugs found in the first alpha.

To let you enjoy the alpha without worries, the alpha builds save their profiles into PrusaSlicer-alpha directory, so you may use the alpha side by side with the current release without ruining your production configuration. On Linux system, this version also changes the location of the configuration directory (see below).

Improvements with respect to PrusaSlicer 2.3.0-alpha1

  • A new RepRapFirmware G-Code flavor was added. RepRapFirmware has deprecated usage of M104 for temperature changes in favor of G10. The new flavor supports the new behavior. We have decided to keep the old RepRap/Sprinter flavor for compatibility with older firmware implementations. (#4553, thanks to @ardenpm)
  • When any gizmo is open (such as supports/seam editing) it is now possible to use Ctrl + left/right mouse click to pan and rotate the camera. This makes it easier to manipulate the objects when zoomed in during painting supports, seams and such.
  • The cog button at the Printer Settings page can newly be used for both adding and editing a Physical Printer preset, while the cog button was disabled in the 1st alpha when a logical Printer preset was selected. Also the delete button at the same page can newly be used to delete a Physical Printer profile completely (#4891).
  • Support for DuetSoftwareFramework print host has been added (#4345, thanks to @wilriker).
  • New icons for the standalone G-Code Viewer were added.
  • Configuration updates now use https instead of http (thanks @onovy, #4213)
  • Linux specific: "make install" newly installs PrusaSlicer desktop integration, and a prusa-gcodeviewer symlink to prusa-slicer is created as well. This should help the distro maintainers to integrate PrusaSlicer.
  • Linux specific: Configuration directory was moved into ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME} directory, as dictated by XDG Base Directory Specification. The application will inform the user about the change and hint where to move the existing configuration data when ran for the first time (#2911)
  • Unified wording in Printer Settings (deretraction changed to unretraction) (#3541)
  • We improved error reporting in case export of G-code to a removable drive fails. We hope that this will help us to explain some yet unexplained G-code export issues.

Bugs fixed, regressions with respect to PrusaSlicer 2.2.0

  • Previous alpha terminated immediately after start on macOS, unless another development build had been ran on the same machine before (#4889)
  • Fixed jerky movement of 3Dconnexion mouse in G-code view (#4888)
  • Filament preset selector was erroneously missing the option to 'Add/Remove filaments' (#4918)
  • Selected filaments in Configuration Wizard are now not silently unselected when material type is changed (#4922)
  • Colorprint was broken in multi-material mode (#4909)
  • Fixed error reporting when the application would not start due to a corrupted PrusaSlicer.ini configuration file (#4915)
  • Linux: Fixed crashes on startup when incompatible version of libpng was found in system libs (#4908)

Bugs fixed, reported for PrusaSlicer 2.3.0-alpha1

  • Ironing was not reapplied when slicing was invalidated by changing another parameter (#4510, #4900, #4937)
  • Fields in the new 'Unsaved changes' dialog are now non-editable. They were editable in the previous alpha by mistake.
  • Conversion from/to imperial units was not working correctly when the object had parts/modifiers: Offset of parts resp. modifiers and modifier type were lost.
  • Painted areas in FDM supports/seam editing were not visible when viewed exactly from the direction of the normal.
  • 'Eject drive' notification did not show up in Simple mode.
  • “Slicing finished” notification did not show up when the sidebar was collapsed.
  • Windows specific: Fixed a crash after drag-and-dropping a non G-code file onto a G-Code Viewer application icon.

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