github prometheus/node_exporter v1.2.0
1.2.0 / 2021-07-15

NOTE: Ignoring invalid network speed will be the default in 2.x
NOTE: Filesystem collector flags have been renamed. --collector.filesystem.ignored-mount-points is now --collector.filesystem.mount-points-exclude and --collector.filesystem.ignored-fs-types is now --collector.filesystem.fs-types-exclude. The old flags will be removed in 2.x.

  • [CHANGE] Rename filesystem collector flags to match other collectors #2012
  • [CHANGE] Make node_exporter print usage to STDOUT #2039
  • [FEATURE] Add conntrack statistics metrics #1155
  • [FEATURE] Add ethtool stats collector #1832
  • [FEATURE] Add flag to ignore network speed if it is unknown #1989
  • [FEATURE] Add tapestats collector for Linux #2044
  • [FEATURE] Add nvme collector #2062
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add ErrorLog plumbing to promhttp #1887
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add more Infiniband counters #2019
  • [ENHANCEMENT] netclass: retrieve interface names and filter before parsing #2033
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add time zone offset metric #2060
  • [BUGFIX] Handle errors from disabled PSI subsystem #1983
  • [BUGFIX] Fix panic when using backwards compatible flags #2000
  • [BUGFIX] Fix wrong value for OpenBSD memory buffer cache #2015
  • [BUGFIX] Only initiate collectors once #2048
  • [BUGFIX] Handle small backwards jumps in CPU idle #2067
latest releases: v1.2.2, v1.2.1
3 months ago