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Static labels feature, minor new features, optimizations, fixes

latest releases: v6.0.0, v5.0.2, v5.0.1...
17 months ago


  • Bugfix: HTTP request metrics in 4.1.0 got broken due to typo in middleware helper.


  • Fixed HttpClient metrics duration that was incorrectly measured. #265
  • prometheus-net.NetFramework.AspNet is now strong named, just like all the other assemblies. #273
  • NetFx target is now conditional for Windows builds only, to allow easier development work on nonwindows platforms. #264
  • MetricPusher now supports a callback for logging push errors. #186
  • Added support for defining static labels on registry or metric level. #256
  • Added ICollectorRegistry and IMetricFactory for mocking in test code. #268
  • Ignore /metrics URL by default in HTTP request metrics.
  • Fix overflow in Summary after observing more than uint.MaxValue events. #277
  • Reduce allocations in hot paths. #276, #275
  • Added request filtering (authorization) support to standalone MetricServer. #261

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