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v3.4.0 - Bag of improvements and fixes

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2 years ago
  • Separate packaging for ASP.NET Core 3 to reduce package reference management complexity for users. #164
  • Lazy-initialize the default sample metrics to reduce initialization cost for those who do not need them. #170
  • ASP.NET Core middlware no longer disposes of output stream. #171
  • Fix DotNetStats occasional data tearing under parallel collections. #173
  • Improved wording of some error messages. #169
  • Added Counter.IncTo(), Gauge.IncTo(), Gauge.DecTo(). #181
  • Added Gauge.Set(DateTimeOffset) and Gauge.IncTo(DateTimeOffset). #181
  • Improve .NET Framework 4.6.1 packaging to include the ValueTuple reference automatically. #179
  • ASP.NET Core HTTP metrics now capture route data before it is overwritten by an exception handler. #177
  • ASP.NET Core HTTP "in progress" metrics now include controller/action labels (ASP.NET Core 3 only).
  • Fixed concurrently defect in HTTP metrics that may have caused label values from wrong request to apply. #182
  • The HttpListener based MetricServer can now handle more than one concurrent request.
  • Added asynchronous "before collect" callbacks, giving user code more flexibility in metric updates.
  • Added .Remove() to labeled metric instances for more convenient removal API (previously had to call method on parent instance).
  • Added .Unpublish() to labeled metric instances to support temporary unpublishing of a metric, without discarding collected data (e.g. histogram buckets), during periods of data unavailability.

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