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3.0.0 - ASP.NET Core metrics, API changes, protobuf removal and performance improvements

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3 years ago
  • Added HTTP request metrics for ASP.NET Core.
  • Somewhat more realistic examples in readme.
  • Metrics exporter is now significantly more CPU and memory-efficient.
  • Added Observe(value, count) to histogram metric, enabling multiple observations with the same value to be counted.
  • Added CountExceptions() and MeasureInProgress() helper extensions.
  • Adjusted API to better conform to Prometheus client library guidelines in terms of default values.
  • Breaking change: assemblies are now strong-named.
  • Breaking change: removed "windows" from built-in metric names as they are not Windows-specific.
  • Breaking change: removed support for protobuf export format (it is no longer used by Prometheus).
  • Breaking change: API surface cleaned up, removed some legacy methods, made many internal types actually internal.
  • Breaking change: "on demand collectors" concept replaced with simpler "before collect callbacks". Works the same, just less code needed to use it and fewer possible error conditions.
  • Breaking change: removed support for "custom collectors", as this was a very special use case that did not benefit at all from the main functionality of the library. Just generate a Prometheus exporter output document yourself if you need to export arbitrary data.

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