github prometheus-msteams/prometheus-msteams v1.2.0

Changes from #84 and #87

Overall, the code has been rewritten but we maintained the same feature.

  • Upgrade the app binary to Go 1.13.7.
  • All configuration from flags can now be automatically overwritten using environment variables. See here.
  • Added Prometheus metrics for the http client.
  • Logs are now structured and are in JSON format by default for a better debugging experience. See
  • More for better debugging, we added support for Jaeger Tracing. See here.


  • Refactor the code when escaping JSON strings. #82 (@AnandDevan)
latest releases: prometheus-msteams-0.6.0, prometheus-msteams-0.5.2, prometheus-msteams-0.5.1...
9 months ago