github prometheus-msteams/prometheus-msteams v1.1.5

  • New template with Silence action #66
  • make it possible to use custom cards with helm chart #71
  • save the default card template along with binaries in releases #65
  • Fix configMap names #78
  • set default log level to INFO and do not expose teams webhook in logs #76
  • Enhance default-message-card.tmpl to prevent json parse errors #77
  • Fix deprecated api which is incompatoble with Kubernetes > 1.16 #75 and make it dependent on k8s version in order to achieve backwards compatibility with older k8s versions #80
latest releases: prometheus-msteams-0.6.0, prometheus-msteams-0.5.2, prometheus-msteams-0.5.1...
9 months ago