github projectdiscovery/subfinder v2.4.5


  • 3883cf0 Added Riddler source by @vzamanillo
  • 8b83c05 Added ThreatBook source by @vzamanillo
  • fdd6235 Added Cebaidu source by @vzamanillo
  • 0518d13 Added Robtex source by @vzamanillo
  • 3822412 Added Ximcx source by @vzamanillo
  • c19c46c Added Anubis source by @vzamanillo
  • dcc62d0 Added fdmax for auto handling of file descriptors by @vzamanillo
  • e15deef Fixed a bug when no resolvers defined in the config file by @vzamanillo
  • acd9e1a Fixed a bug with list source count by @vzamanillo
4 months ago