github projectdiscovery/subfinder v2.3.8


066aaed Updated spyse source API v3 (v2 not working) by @thezoomer
6941175 improved HTTP error handling by @vzamanillo
41b0f93 Added missing github source from default sources @vzamanillo
7841621 Removed digicert (not working) source by @vzamanillo
1bbd4d3 Identify and print which sources need an API key/token when subfinder -ls is used by @vzamanillo
cfd9696 Fixed an issue with dnsdb source by @vzamanillo
fe4e0ab Added flag to list all available sources with -ls flag by @vzamanillo

latest releases: v2.4.5, v2.4.4, v2.4.3...
6 months ago