github presidentbeef/brakeman v2.1.0

  • Support non-native line endings in Gemfile.lock (Paul Deardorff)
  • Support for ignoring warnings
  • Check for dangerous model attributes defined in attr_accessible (Paul Deardorff)
  • Update to ruby_parser 3.2.2
  • Add brakeman-min gemspec
  • Load gem dependencies on-demand
  • Output JSON diff to file if -o option is used
  • Add check for authenticate_or_request_with_http_basic
  • Refactor of SQL injection check code (Bart ten Brinke)
  • Fix detection of duplicate XSS warnings
  • Refactor reports into separate classes
  • Allow use of Slim 2.x (Ian Zabel)
  • Return error exit code when application path is not found
  • Add --branch-limit option, limit to 5 by default
  • Add more methods to check for command injection
  • Fix output format detection to be more strict again
  • Allow empty Brakeman configuration file
latest releases: v5.1.1, v5.1.0, v5.0.4...
7 years ago