github presidentbeef/brakeman v1.9.0

  • Update to RubyParser 3
  • Ignore route information by default
  • Support strong_parameters
  • Support newer validates :format call
  • Add scan time to reports
  • Add Brakeman version to reports
  • Fix CheckExecute to warn on all string interpolation
  • Fix false positive on to_sql calls
  • Don't mangle whitespace in JSON code formatting
  • Add AppTree as facade for filesystem (brynary)
  • Add link for translate vulnerability warning (grosser)
  • Rename LICENSE to MIT-LICENSE, remove from README (grosser)
  • Add Rakefile to run tests (grosser)
  • Better default config file locations (grosser)
  • Reduce Sexp creation
  • Handle empty model files
  • Remove "find by regex" feature from CallIndex
latest releases: v5.1.1, v5.1.0, v5.0.4...
7 years ago