github prescottprue/redux-firestore v1.0.0-alpha.2

latest releases: v1.0.0, v0.15.2, v0.15.1...
pre-release3 years ago
  • fix(orderedReducer): fix issue where adding a document would break ordered structure - #151
  • fix(ci): add alpha to travis branches config so tests run for alpha version - #151
  • feat(query): support for populate using v1 state pattern (may have unexpected results, see note below) - #48
  • fix(examples): complete example updated with react-scripts and react@16.6

NOTE: The populate helper will need to work differently for v1.0.0 since things are stored differently in state. It will most likely not work when populating off of any root settings that are not at the base of the state tree.

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