github prescottprue/redux-firestore v0.5.5

latest releases: v1.0.0, v0.15.2, v0.15.1...
4 years ago
  • fix(orderedReducer): LISTENER_RESPONSE and DOCUMENT_REMOVED actions
    correctly updating state for sub-collections
  • feat(tests): tests added for success callback and error callback arguments of setListener method
  • fix(core): only copy public methods from firebase.firestore() instance - #93, #108
  • fix(actions): runTransaction no longer failing - #108
  • fix(orderedReducer): empty listener response correctly updates state when using storeAs
  • fix(orderedReducer): fix merge setting (merge.collection to merge.collections) - @danleavitt0
  • feat(actions): attempting to delete sub collection at any level throw (previously only top level)
  • feat(tests): Add tests for success and error callbacks of setListener
  • fix(orderedReducer): return state directly for non-matching action types
  • fix(deps): lock prettier version to 1.10.0 (prevents build fail on Travis)

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