github pqt-graveyard/social-preview v2.0.1

latest releases: v3.0.0, v2.0.2
2 years ago

Small tweaks and improvements

  • (9e8df3c) fix visual inconsistency on safari - Thanks to @veksen for the absolutely heroic visual debugging.
  • (278562e) add spinner to suggest loading state while form is submitting
  • (6baf7cf) add github token to avoid rate limits - Preventing issues before they happen.
  • (807382d) update canonical URL hook - Provides the correct meta URL now when server-side rendered.
  • (aac77d2) increment padding around preview as viewport scales
  • (e0e949f) Create LICENSE - this is just for anyone interested in cloning, deleted it accidentally in the v2 rewrite.

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