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2 years ago

This is a rewrite to NextJS and a new image generation approach using Jimp.

This opens the door to some really important items.

  • Improved customization flexibility, initially I tried to use SVG to render the preview and then use html2canvas to capture a snapshot of the preview, convert it to PNG and export. This worked, but was very restricted and simply did not recognize certain qualities about SVG (resulting in them being totally ignored in the rendering process). This new approach uses some base images and positions text and overlays in a much more elegant fashion thanks to Jimp. I don't know what might be required to start powering users with more control, but I'm far more confident in the current implementation than v1.

  • Consistent experience on both desktop and mobile, previously the rendered download would be different depending on which device actually triggered the download, this should no longer be the case.

  • Future API capability, the front-end has access to a serverless backend thanks to Vercel. This has the opportunity to become an incredibly powerful resource for areas outside of GitHub (or maybe GitHub could just use the API to generate nice social previews for new repos???). I don't have a solid plan for this yet but there loads of opportunity here for sure.

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