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Thank you for your interest in osu!lazer.

These pre-releases are provided for people interested in following development and getting a sneak-peek at what we're working on. osu!lazer is not yet intended to be a playable alternative to osu-stable. If it doesn't work for you and you are unable to submit a fix, please check back at a later date!

More information is available in the project readme. Daily dev updates are also posted on my blog.

changes in osu

  • Fix ObjectDisposal exceptions due to lingering event binds #1209 (peppy)
  • Fix crash on random selection from a previously null selection #1207 (peppy)
  • Adjust HP penalties/bonuses based on beatmap specification #1206 (Artikash)
  • Add support for hiding individual beatmap difficulties #1205 (peppy)
  • Fix InfoWedge when no beatmap available #1203 (huoyaoyuan)
  • Update UI controls in line with framework changes #1196 (smoogipooo)
  • Add caps lock warning to OsuPasswordTextBox #1189 (jorolf)

changes in osu-framework

  • Do not use 'this' object for locking #1015 (UselessToucan)
  • Fix one frame lag of context menu's position #1012 (peppy)
  • Output all input handled events to the debug overlay #1011 (peppy)
  • Stop ScrollContainers from handling non-left-mouse buttons #1010 (peppy)
  • Enforce Root is at least 1px size for any children that scale relative to its size #1008 (smoogipooo)
  • Separate out model representation of MenuItems #1007 (smoogipooo)

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