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Thank you for your interest in osu!lazer.

These pre-releases are provided for people interested in following development and getting a sneak-peek at what we're working on. osu!lazer is not yet intended to be a playable alternative to osu-stable. If it doesn't work for you and you are unable to submit a fix, please check back at a later date!

More information is available in the project readme. Daily dev updates are also posted on my blog.

changes in osu

  • Add support for binding mouse buttons to actions #1131 (peppy)
  • Fix a possible null reference when login fails #1129 (peppy)
  • Allow OsuButtons to be filtered in settings #1128 (PoULkY)
  • Fix unlit initial state of the OnScreenDisplay #1127 (MrTheMake)
  • Fix duplicate DifficultyControlPoints breaking slider velocities #1125 (swoolcock)
  • Visually improve settings transitions and back button #1121 (peppy)
  • Fix hitobjects in TestCaseHitObjects not receiving actions #1119 (smoogipooo)
  • Integrate key configuration with settings overlay #1118 (peppy)
  • Swap the order of the social and chat toolbar buttons #1116 (MrTheMake)
  • Fix sliders ignoring actions past the initial hitcircle #1115 (swoolcock)
  • Cancel pending sidebar expansion when a button is clicked #1114 (peppy)
  • Use SliderStep instead of TestCaseSliderBar #1113 (Tom94)
  • Key configuration #1112 (peppy)
  • Fix skip button icons not displaying correctly #1111 (peppy)
  • Fix spinner not handling left/right action bindings #1110 (swoolcock)
  • Fix leaderboard icons not displaying correctly #1108 (peppy)
  • Fix RulesetInfo equality comparison giving false negatives #1102 (swoolcock)
  • Fix some formatting regressions #1101 (peppy)
  • No longer update the current ruleset when selecting a new beatmap set #1100 (swoolcock)
  • Fixes an issue where a beatmap would not reset after playing it #1099 (swoolcock)
  • Fix or clarify various errors when importing from stable #1098 (MillhioreF)
  • Make taiko use the new ScrollingPlayfield. #1095 (smoogipooo)
  • Implement KeyBindings for rulesets and osu! game #1094 (peppy)
  • Stored bindings, more catch and less HitRenderer #1093 (peppy)
  • Fix "--tests" argument for visual tests #1092 (jorolf)
  • Remove incorrect duplicate code in mania pattern generation. #1091 (smoogipooo)
  • Update HitObjectPatternGenerator.cs #1089 (johnneijzen)
  • osu!catch: Catcher and basic structure #1088 (peppy)
  • Rework scrolling playfields to be a lot more usable. #1087 (smoogipooo)
  • Add transform sequence support to IHasAccentColour. #1086 (smoogipooo)
  • Fix SpriteIcon invalidation causing game breakness. #1085 (smoogipooo)
  • Adjust CS multiplier to match stable #1084 (peppy)
  • Implement NoFail, HardRock, Easy mods #1083 (peppy)
  • Remove depth setting in SectionsContainer and profile. #1082 (huoyaoyuan)
  • Update to support new framework VisualTests structure #1080 (peppy)
  • Allow Rulesets to create a non-FontAwesome icon #1079 (peppy)
  • Taiko fixes #1078 (smoogipooo)
  • Fix OsuLegacyDecoder's parser being NULL if no ruleset was specified #1077 (MrTheMake)
  • Implement Ctrl+Enter for Auto in song select. #1025 (huoyaoyuan)

changes in osu-framework

  • Fix SortedList<T>.IndexOf(T) returning a valid value for an item not contained by it, instead of -1. #980 (smoogipooo)
  • Add InputKeys enum; make actions work for mouse buttons #979 (peppy)
  • Expose PressedActions for querying currently actuated actions #977 (swoolcock)
  • Input and focus fixes #974 (peppy)
  • Fix children added during load() not being async-loaded. #973 (peppy)
  • Improve escape key handling #972 (peppy)
  • DefaultMappings -> DefaultKeyBindings #971 (peppy)
  • Remove unused InputManager reference in FocusedOverlayContainer #970 (peppy)
  • Revert Precision changes but add scale check to IsPresent. #969 (smoogipooo)
  • Better rigid bodies #967 (Tom94)
  • Fix some AutoSize drawables not showing up; add safeguard against future similar issues #966 (smoogipooo)
  • Key binding improvements #965 (peppy)
  • Add method to search upwards for first parent InputManager #964 (peppy)
  • Default frame limiter to a refresh rate of 60 Hz #963 (Tom94)
  • Add SliderStep to TestCase #962 (Tom94)
  • Divide by 0 in ThrottledFrameClock was causing asserts to fail #960 (swoolcock)
  • Get rid of Amib.SmartThreadPool dependency #959 (Tom94)
  • Rework IsAlive and IsLoaded behaviours #958 (peppy)
  • Fix incorrectly firing assertions when recursively disposing children #957 (peppy)
  • Fixes the case on macOS where the first frame is sometimes red #955 (swoolcock)
  • Remove LifetimeList, inline everything into CompositeDrawable. #954 (smoogipooo)
  • Add KeyBindingInputManager (and remove GlobalHotkeys) #951 (peppy)
  • Remove InputState.Data #950 (peppy)
  • Allow InputManagers to override default behaviour of key down/up propagation #948 (peppy)
  • Removed Obsolete from ComputeMD5Hash as it's now used #944 (tgi74)
  • Fix clone not being implemented in LocalMouseState #943 (peppy)
  • Add a Data storage field to InputState for arbitrary data #942 (peppy)
  • Apply FillModes after computing the absolute size to account for RelativeChildSize #941 (smoogipooo)
  • Ensure logging always hits CI consoles #940 (peppy)
  • Make Container's Remove virtual #939 (peppy)
  • Add notice of possible undefined behaviour during Invalidate(). #938 (smoogipooo)
  • Add a dropdown to select the assembly in TestBrowser #937 (peppy)
  • Update VSCode with new configurations. #936 (smoogipooo)
  • Move common TestBrowser components to Testing #935 (peppy)
  • Make VisualTest TestCases run as individual nunit tests #934 (peppy)
  • Add basic documentation for Bindable #920 (peppy)

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