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Thank you for your interest in osu!lazer.

These pre-releases are provided for people interested in following development and getting a sneak-peek at what we're working on. osu!lazer is not yet intended to be a playable alternative to osu-stable. If it doesn't work for you and you are unable to submit a fix, please check back at a later date!

More information is available in the project readme. Daily dev updates are also posted on my blog.

changes in osu

  • Fix osu! logo on main menu ending up in the wrong place #1007 (peppy)
  • Remove assert which is not always true on some operating systems #1006 (peppy)
  • Update framework #1004 (peppy)
  • Update transform usage in line with framework changes #1001 (peppy)
  • Fix crash on startup for release builds #998 (peppy)
  • Update resources #995 (peppy)
  • Update test cases to new framework and fix old crashes #993 (Tom94)
  • Use tooltip and context menu containers as newly required #991 (Tom94)
  • fix mod button samples #986 (Jorolf)
  • Update Cached usage according to framework #985 (Tom94)
  • Replace Contains overrides with ReceiveMouseInputAt #982 (Tom94)
  • Shuffle sound samples around and make more conformant #981 (peppy)
  • Set RelativeSizeAxes for updated FillMode behavior #980 (Tom94)
  • Add new main menu backgrounds #975 (peppy)
  • Changes in line with framework updates #972 (MrTheMake)
  • Update framework with better children list #971 (Tom94)
  • Fix logo heartbeat playing when not hovered #968 (EVAST9919)
  • Get rid of AlwaysReceiveInput (update framework) #967 (Tom94)
  • Update framework. #963 (smoogipooo)
  • Logo visualiser fixes. #962 (ColdVolcano)
  • TestCase for BeatSyncedContainer #958 (EVAST9919)
  • Update usages of common shapes to reference new namespace #957 (paparony03)
  • Add heartbeat sound effect when hovering osu! logo #956 (EVAST9919)
  • Implement the osu! logo visualizer #953 (ColdVolcano)
  • Fix an invalid depth operation. #952 (smoogipooo)
  • Fix resources being reset incorrectly to an old revision #944 (peppy)
  • Automatically determine lifetime for scrolling rulesets. #941 (smoogipooo)
  • Add the ability to go back in random selection history #891 (EVAST9919)
  • Multiplayer room inspector #885 (DrabWeb)

changes in osu-framework

  • Testing improvements #888 (peppy)
  • Testing improvements #887 (peppy)
  • Remove unnecessary window-specific build task #886 (peppy)
  • Fix regression in TransformEdgeEffectColour #885 (peppy)
  • Re-work transforms logic to more consistent behavior #884 (peppy)
  • Always output log messages to console when running in debug configuration #883 (peppy)
  • Improve loop sequence logic #882 (peppy)
  • Slightly improve presentation of frame counters #881 (Tom94)
  • Avoid delegate creation in DrawQuad and DrawTriangle #880 (Tom94)
  • Document BufferStack #879 (Tom94)
  • Greatly simplify performance counters (performance & code) #878 (default0)
  • Remove TestCase.Reset and TestCaseVertexBindBenchmark #876 (Tom94)
  • Fix ApplyDrawNode never being called in rare cases #875 (Tom94)
  • Add ability to use custom tooltips per drawable #874 (default0)
  • Make TooltipContainer and ContextMenuContainer only consider children #873 (default0)
  • Split Container into a generic and a non-generic part #872 (Tom94)
  • Simplify caching of properties #871 (Tom94)
  • Allow buffered containers to be used as background effects #870 (Tom94)
  • Add interface for better controlling single-child containers #869 (huoyaoyuan)
  • Base FillMode on RelativeSizeAxes #867 (Tom94)
  • Various small improvements to mouse input #866 (Tom94)
  • Avoid System.Drawing where currently possible #865 (Tom94)
  • Use generics in LoadComponentAsync to increase usefulness #863 (peppy)
  • Increase maximum texture size #862 (peppy)
  • Fix mouse cursor not correctly exiting window #861 (peppy)
  • Fix objects behind OverlayContainers being affected by mouse wheel or dragging #859 (EVAST9919)
  • DrawVis improvements #858 (default0)
  • Add the ability to "fast scroll" with the right mouse button #857 (Jorolf)
  • Change ScrollIntoView to scroll more naturally #856 (MrTheMake)
  • Change Children to a IReadOnlyList #855 (default0)
  • Remove the need for AlwaysReceiveInput #854 (Tom94)
  • Simplify hover logic; should also improve performance slightly #853 (Tom94)
  • Fix depth regression #852 (peppy)
  • FIx mouse clicks being accepted even when the mouse has been dragged substantially #851 (peppy)
  • Added OnLoaded action to Audio/Track #850 (jai-sharma)
  • Make window confinement work with raw input #849 (Tom-Plummer)
  • Fix mouse wheel state retention regression #848 (peppy)
  • Fix transform performance regression #847 (smoogipooo)
  • Fix possible NaN or -Inf/+Inf values on improperly initialized SliderBars. #846 (smoogipooo)
  • Fix deadlock on linux hosts when exiting the game #845 (VPeruS)
  • Make ClickableContainer::Enabled a bindable bool #844 (MrTheMake)
  • Use IContainer instead of Container in EdgeEffect transforms #842 (paparony03)
  • Add FrequencyAmplitudes to TrackAmplitudes #841 (ColdVolcano)
  • Parent fixes #840 (smoogipooo)
  • Dynamic depth change #838 (paparony03)
  • Move basic drawable shapes to their own namespace #837 (paparony03)
  • Split the drawable's transformation logic into its own class for reuse purposes #836 (MrTheMake)
  • Fix csproj line endings #834 (peppy)
  • Add Animation System #833 (default0)
  • Add Drawable.OnSizingChanged #832 (default0)
  • Fix duplicates in AdjustableAudioComponent's adjustments #827 (MrTheMake)

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