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Thank you for your interest in osu!lazer.

These pre-releases are provided for people interested in following development and getting a sneak-peek at what we're working on. osu!lazer is not yet intended to be a playable alternative to osu-stable. If it doesn't work for you and you are unable to submit a fix, please check back at a later date!

More information is available in the project readme. Daily dev updates are also posted on my blog.

Known issues

  • Scroll wheel may inadvertently fire when mouse enters the window, causing jumps in volume or scrollable views.

Changes since last release

CHeck out my blog post on this build for more detailed information.

  • Make osu tooltips move smoothly #904 (Tom94)
  • Update resources #903 (peppy)
  • Move skip button into its own test, because it is no longer two-layered #896 (Tom94)
  • update osu to use the framework's TooltipContainer #895 (Jorolf)
  • Add settings for toggling raw input and adjusting sensitivity #893 (peppy)
  • Load initial channel content asynchronously #890 (peppy)
  • Add alternative for random beatmap selection #888 (Drenata)
  • Increase timeout in TestImportOverIPC #887 (peppy)
  • Fix user dropdown menu item chevron alignment #886 (DrabWeb)
  • Mod Suggestion: Daycore #883 (Shawdooow)
  • Update in line with framework #882 (peppy)
  • Fix triangle smoothness and optimize further #879 (Tom94)
  • Allow for variables in storyboards #866 (ColdVolcano)
  • Channel selection overlay #861 (DrabWeb)
  • Unregister OnBeatmapChanged() when exiting song selection #838 (MrTheMake)
  • Add an "Add new channel" tab #786 (Jorolf)
  • Replay Settings #785 (EVAST9919)

Framework changes

  • Remove unused code #789 (peppy)
  • Better min/max range for cursor sensitivity #786 (peppy)
  • Improve tooltips #785 (Tom94)
  • move tooltips to the framework #782 (Jorolf)
  • Check whether the cursor is contained before recursing in findTargetIn #781 (Tom94)
  • Add raw input and sensitivity #778 (peppy)
  • Make InternalChildren an IEnumerable<Drawable> #777 (smoogipooo)
  • Handle Keyboard events rather than polling #776 (peppy)
  • Handle Mouse events rather than polling #774 (peppy)
  • Completely rewrite focus, again #773 (peppy)
  • comments #772 (peppy)
  • Add IHasFilterTerms interface and improve naming #771 (peppy)
  • Further scrollbar fixes #770 (peppy)
  • Scrollbar visual improvements #767 (peppy)

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