github ppy/osu v2017.307.0

latest releases: 2022.810.2, 2022.810.1, 2022.810.0...
pre-release5 years ago


  • Replay playback! Drag an .osr file into the window. Note that you will need to reimport all beatmaps before this works (so consider deleting your database and starting from scratch). We will not be providing migration/upgrading support for game databases this early in development.
  • Autoplay! Select from mod select menu #436.
  • New version footer in options overlay #446.
  • F1-F3 work to actuate buttons on song select #447.
  • Better internal handling of mods (allows them to actually do stuff) #448.
  • Improved CI-enforced coding standards and reduced framework suggestions/warnings/errors to zero (osu! game project has around 300 left to address).

Delta patches should be working again... from the next release! (this one pushes the fix for the backend).

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