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Thank you for your interest in osu!lazer.

These pre-releases are provided for people interested in following development and getting a sneak-peek at what we're working on. osu!lazer is not yet intended to be a playable alternative to osu-stable. If it doesn't work for you and you are unable to submit a fix, please check back at a later date!

More information is available in the project readme. Dev updates are also posted on my blog.

changes in osu

  • Fix TestCaseButtonSystem not working #1576 (peppy)
  • Fix nullref on disposing BeatmapSetOverlay before load #1572 (peppy)
  • Perform a reload on objects when Refreshing them #1569 (peppy)
  • Move TestCase descriptions to attributes #1568 (peppy)
  • Reduced usage of AsyncLoadWrapper and merging both load wrappers into a new class LoadWrapper #1559 (FreezyLemon)
  • Add Kudosu Info container in the kudosu section #1523 (EVAST9919)
  • Make beatmap overlay download buttons work #1506 (naoey)

changes in osu-framework

  • Fix calling Reset on a TrackVirtual starting the track unexpectedly #1191 (peppy)
  • Fixed Description attributes in Framework Tests #1190 (FreezyLemon)
  • Move TestCase descriptions to attributes #1186 (peppy)
  • Combining AsyncLoadWrapper and DelayedLoadWrapper into LoadWrapper #1181 (FreezyLemon)

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