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Thank you for your interest in osu!lazer.

These pre-releases are provided for people interested in following development and getting a sneak-peek at what we're working on. osu!lazer is not yet intended to be a playable alternative to osu-stable. If it doesn't work for you and you are unable to submit a fix, please check back at a later date!

More information is available in the project readme. Dev updates are also posted on my blog.

changes in osu

  • Update MSBuild path #1424 (peppy)
  • Fix multiple requests potentially being triggered during connect sequence #1422 (peppy)
  • Fix WaveOverlayContainer appearing incorrectly on first PopIn #1421 (peppy)
  • Fix VolumeControl and OnScreenDisplay being added to the wrong container #1418 (peppy)
  • Improve startup load times by sequentially loading components #1412 (peppy)
  • Remove no-longer-necessary Thread.Sleep #1411 (peppy)
  • Make TextAwesome TestCase more useful #1410 (EVAST9919)
  • Move all TestCases to Testing project #1409 (peppy)
  • Update WebRequest usage in line with framework changes #1408 (peppy)
  • Add KeyboardStep values for configuration options #1407 (swoolcock)
  • Fixed .NET Standard build on Linux. #1406 (Nabile-Rahmani)
  • Add sqlite raw packages to osu.Desktop to ensure sqlite is copied locally #1403 (peppy)
  • Fix playing a map with NoFail mod never completing #1402 (odgaard)
  • Fix linux build #1401 (DerpyCrabs)
  • Fix migrating in back and forth between database engines breaking startup #1399 (peppy)
  • Improve performance and db safety of KeyBindings #1396 (peppy)
  • Change beatmap import to use OpenTK's FileDrop event #1395 (swoolcock)
  • Added an indicator to the left of settings to revert to default #1393 (swoolcock)
  • Fix import testcases randomly failing #1392 (peppy)
  • Fix issues related to hiding beatmaps #1391 (peppy)
  • Fix issues with deletion #1390 (peppy)
  • Fix a few issues with database upgrade #1389 (peppy)
  • Remove duplicate reference to opentk package #1387 (peppy)
  • Simplify gradient usage in Letterbox Overlay #1384 (EVAST9919)
  • Make ProgressNotification's status and progress thread-safe #1383 (peppy)
  • Update framework #1380 (smoogipoo)
  • Number text improvements #1378 (huoyaoyuan)
  • Add back osu.Desktop project #1375 (peppy)
  • Only update positions when the medalContainer is loaded. #1372 (smoogipoo)
  • Fix beatmap author being stored in two different places #1371 (peppy)
  • Fix osu!direct preview loading animation not playing #1370 (jorolf)
  • Use EF for SQLite interfacing #1350 (UselessToucan)
  • Improve implementation of slider repeat points #1313 (Shawdooow)

changes in osu-framework

  • Fix CircularContainer using DrawSize too early #1119 (peppy)
  • Fix ThreadPool filling up from Drawable LoadAsync calls #1118 (peppy)
  • Always clear logs on startup for the time being #1117 (peppy)
  • Allow VisibilityContainer to always animate at LoadComplete #1114 (peppy)
  • Stop TriggerChange from propagating out to bound bindables #1113 (peppy)
  • Fix double-clicks being handled by drawables that aren't clicked #1112 (peppy)
  • More verbose and better targeted logging in TextureAtlas #1108 (peppy)
  • Add the ability to snap slider bars if holding shift #1105 (swoolcock)
  • Fix config binding defaults not being set if reusing a Bindable #1104 (swoolcock)
  • Make VertexBatch IDisposable #1103 (UselessToucan)
  • Ensure config bindables have Default set to their initial value #1101 (swoolcock)
  • Use FileSafety to perform storage deletions #1100 (peppy)
  • Fixed a typo in Drawable.cs #1099 (MKimiSH)
  • Update BitmapFont nuget package #1096 (smoogipoo)
  • Switch to Roslyn for dynamic compilation of TestCases #1095 (smoogipoo)
  • Don't attempt to get locations of dynamic assemblies #1094 (peppy)
  • Remove platfrom dependent drag and drop #1093 (VPeruS)
  • Make WebRequest use HttpClient and proper async/await #1092 (smoogipoo)
  • Fix TextureAnimation nullref on null texture #1090 (smoogipoo)
  • Fix DesktopStorage opening the wrong path via OpenInNativeExplorer #1088 (peppy)
  • Fix isolation of individual TestCase runs #1087 (peppy)
  • Allow TestBrowser to load non osu assemblies #1086 (jorolf)
  • Add Storage.GetDatabaseConnectionString method #1085 (UselessToucan)
  • Improved macOS target #1084 (swoolcock)
  • Revert loading children while the parent is in a loading state #1083 (smoogipoo)
  • Add test case for DrawSizePreservingFillContainer #1082 (Tom94)

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