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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.716.1). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

Code Quality

  • Remove the nullable disable annotation in the benchmark project (#19059 by @andy840119)
  • Add log output for custom storage usage (#19096 by @peppy)


  • Ensure that multiple BeatmapSetInfo with same OnlineID don't cause import failures (#19121 by @peppy)


  • Fix editor playing object samples while paused after cancelling exit (#19063 by @Joehuu)
  • Fix incorrect audio track playing when switching between newly created beatmaps (#19105 by @peppy)


Add ability to save failed score (#18785 by @cdwcgt)


Gameplay (osu!)

Add repel mod to the osu ruleset (#18607 by @ggliv)


Add "Single Tap" mod for osu! ruleset, abstract Alternate & Single Tap into InputBlockingMod (#19089 by @tsunyoku)

Since #17781 got closed due to recent changes, decided to re-create the mod and make it compatible with the recent changes.

Fix slider follow circle animations not matching expectations on legacy skins (#19090 by @goodtrailer)

This fixes quite a few oversights:

  • Scale and fade are faster
  • Scale is outwards when tracking is interrupted
  • Sizing is fixed to match stable

Some similar changes will be applied to the default skin (probably in the next release) to make it feel better.

Smaller changes

  • Fix mod incompatibility between repel and relax (#19084 by @ggliv)
  • Fix potential crash in editor from transform time going below zero (#19132 by @peppy)
  • Change "single tap" mod acronym to not conflict with "strict tracking" (#19140 by @peppy)


Improve touch input support for desktop platforms (ppy/osu-framework#5299 by @Susko3)

Add support for joysticks/gamepads on Android (ppy/osu-framework#5281 by @Susko3)

Tested on a USB Xbox 360 controller clone, everything except the guide button works (Android doesn't provide a mapping for that). For my specific controller, D-pad inputs where reported exclusively trough OnGenericMotionAxis.HatX/Axis.HatY and not in OnKeyDown/Up.

The same controller reported different Device.MotionRanges on different devices:

  • Realme 6, Android 11: the list was non-null, but was empty
  • LG G7 Fit, Android 9: the list was populated with the expected axes (including Gas and Brake)



Fix avatars not showing on local scores after replay import (#19038 by @novialriptide)

Show leaderboard scores from new data source (#19126 by @peppy)

This turns off the display of classic/legacy scores, and begins to show scores from the new "solo_scores" data source. Currently, this means that all lazer scores from the last few years will be visible, but also means that you will no longer be able to see non-lazer scores. They will eventually return when we are happy with the consistency and performance of the new storage mechanisms.

Do note that there is no guarantee that scores currently visible will remain. They may be deleted at any point. There are several concerns which are not yet addressed.

osu! 2022-07-15 at 07 28 39

Smaller changes

  • Add and consume SoloScoreInfo (#19082 by @peppy)
    • One of the final steps required to prepare lazer for displaying lazer-first scores.
  • Fix login overlay not displaying error message for disabled accounts (#19136 by @frenzibyte)


Remove flush-to-disk operation on non-Windows platforms for lower overhead (ppy/osu-framework#5305 by @frenzibyte)

Should greatly improve import performance on macOS.


Show an error message on startup when attempting to run on an unsupported version of windows (#19080 by @peppy)

A lot of sentry error reports are coming from realm / EF failures due to the host operating system being too old. Let's give the user some proper feedback rather than a silent crash and error report hitting our logging.

Parallels Desktop 2022-07-12 at 06 47 46

Prefer ~/Library/Application Support as default user storage path on macOS (ppy/osu-framework#5304 by @frenzibyte)

Only applies to fresh installs.

Smaller changes

  • Fix unsupported OS message stating Windows 8 to be supported (#19087 by @frenzibyte)
    • Noticed while reading notifications and looking at #19080. The condition was updated to show on Windows 8 as well, but the message was still stating that Windows 8 is supported.


  • Fix crash when currently played beatmap finishes download while multiplayer spectating (#19074 by @peppy)
  • Fix waveform generation function not freeing bass stream after usage (ppy/osu-framework#5300 by @peppy)
    • Also fixes a few other things I noticed along the way.
  • Fix potential crash during shutdown sequence if intro playback was aborted (#19079 by @peppy)
  • Fix drawable mutation from disposal thread (#19104 by @peppy)
  • Fix potential crash when exiting editor test mode (#19110 by @peppy)


Add joystick settings on Android (#19131 by @Susko3)

Song Select

Add "last played" sort mode to song select (#19098 by @peppy)

Note that this will consider the most recent play of any beatmap in beatmap set groups for now, similar to other sort methods.

Change clicking source/tags on song select to filter instead of searching online (#19124 by @frenzibyte)

Smaller changes

  • Update mod icon colors (#19039 by @Cwazywierdo)
    • They now match the colours on the new mod select.
  • Fix clicking search link from song select sometimes not switching search mode to "relevance" (#19129 by @peppy)



Add support for a drawings screen video background (#19069 by @peppy)

Fix gameplay screen not updating with changes in various editors (#19101 by @peppy)

Disable tournament client "save changes" button when there's no changes to save (#19100 by @peppy)

Smaller changes

  • Ensure any changes are committed before changing LadderEditorSettings's target match (#19102 by @peppy)


Add language selection to first run overlay (#19107 by @peppy)

Allow adding playlist items to beatmap collections via context menu (#19037 by @frenzibyte)

Smaller changes

  • Fix playlist room creation screen pushing content on opening dropdowns (#19065 by @Ludio235)
  • Show basic error message when score submission fails (#19078 by @peppy)
    • Feels better to let the user know why it failed.

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