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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.630.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

Hotfix release to stop custom ruleset crashes.

Code Quality

  • Change closure elimination to hint (#18925 by @peppy)
    • Pretty noisy as a suggestion, and can fire incorrectly quite a lot (aka Schedule()).
  • Remove the nullable disable annotation in the localisation. (#18921 by @andy840119)
  • Remove the nullable disable annotations in the class belongs to the migration namespace. (#18920 by @andy840119)

Gameplay (osu!)

  • Remove difficulty spike nerf from the Flashlight skill in osu! (#18791 by @apollo-dw)
  • Change speed accuracy scaling to be closer to worst case scenario (#15035 by @emu1337)

Gameplay (osu!mania)

  • Use accuracy instead of score for mania pp calculation (#18749 by @molneya)

Platform (Android)


Guard against ruleset icon creation failures to avoid whole game death (#18935 by @peppy)

Smaller changes

  • Fix one more case of collection modification during enumeration (#18928 by @peppy)
  • Guard against NaN star difficulty results (#18936 by @peppy)


  • Fix difficulty adjust settings having more padding on sliders (#18922 by @Joehuu)

Full Changelog: 2022.628.0...2022.630.0

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