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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.615.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.


Add new popup dialog sound effects (#18702 by @nekodex)

Uses new samples for the 'Ok' and 'Cancel' buttons, along with additional audio feedback for 'Dangerous' buttons.


Code Quality


Handle subdirectories during beatmap stable import (#18699 by @frenzibyte)

Always perform full consistency checks for single imports (#18689 by @peppy)

With the introduction of the "quick" path for imports, we broke user expectations. Importing a beatmap which is already loaded would never replace it, even if some files had been changed or corrupted.

This is a first step to restore sanity. Now any imports which are single item imports will always run through full consistency checks.


Fix context menus not appearing when clicking outside of editor playfield's bounds (#18649 by @frenzibyte)

Smaller changes

  • Fix ctrl-z in editor also seeking to start in addition to undo (#18685 by @peppy)
  • Fix timing adjustment repeat buttons firing one change per repeat invocation (#18687 by @peppy)
  • Fix ZoomableScrollContainer attempting to update zoom with invalid range (#18697 by @frenzibyte)


Fix hit error meters not updating visual state when hidden (#18669 by @peppy)

It is an expectation of users that when the HUD is shown after a period of being hidden, it will visually reflect the state based on recent judgements.


  • Add "View beatmap" button to Discord Rich Presence (#15702 by @jaxxibae)
    • This PR adds a button to Discord's RPC so that people can directly check what map a person is playing.
      When the user is playing an unpublished / offline map, the button will not exist.

This has been tested, and it works with all gamemodes.


Fix android crashes when opening osu! from background in multi-thread mode (ppy/osu-framework#5242 by @bdach)

Fix audio timing becoming incorect after seek (ppy/osu-framework#5248 by @peppy)

This was only affecting some users on windows, but enough to warrant a hotfix release. We've reverted some internal changes until we better understand why they could cause such an issue (they really shouldn't have).

Smaller changes



Remove unlimited frame limiter warning (#18667 by @peppy)

This should not be required now that we have a 1,000 Hz limiter in place.

Add scrolling gameplay visualisation mode to latency certifier (#18671 by @peppy)



Add basic volume control support in toolbar music button (#18693 by @frenzibyte)


Smaller changes


Allow scrolling overflow of ruleset buttons in the toolbar (#18691 by @peppy)

Smaller changes

New Contributors

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