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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.528.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

Beatmap Listing

  • Add WIP to beatmap listing search filters (#18382 by @apollo-dw)
  • Add spotlighted beatmaps filter to beatmap listing (#18384 by @Joehuu)
  • Fix beatmap info status pill being incorrect on multiple status beatmaps (#18429 by @Joehuu)
  • Fix beatmap info scores container not hiding when there's no leaderboard (#18431 by @Joehuu)


Bring new chat design online (#18377 by @jai-x)


Smaller changes

  • Fix chat not working if user is joined to new "announcement" channel (#18410 by @peppy)


Bring editor design metrics up-to-date (#18396 by @peppy)

I've started to bring the newer design language into the editor to better allow us to add new elements to the editor.

This is by no means a complete implementation. There are going to be a few weird edge cases, but I'm not focused on perfecting things. The main thing I wanted is to get the screen proportions in line with flyte's new designs so I can continue working on the timing UX further. With the existing editor, there was a lot of padding weirdness on the timing screen which has since been removed.

Add waveform comparison view to editor timing screen (#18388 by @peppy)

This is the next step towards a full timing solution. Similar to the metronome, this adds a new visual semi-interactive element which can be used to help understand the timing that is set, but doesn't directly allow mutating the timing yet. Hovering the display will allow scrubbing through the track.

I've tested this with makeshift adjustment controls and confirmed that it is very efficient in helping locate the correct BPM (and offset). Took around 6 seconds each to time a few beatmaps with visual only reference.

As a side note, visual only timing is only good to a certain extent. If you have a play with it, you'll notice that you can find BPM nodes at bpm / 1.5, bpm / 2 etc. where waveforms will look to align but it is not the number you are searching for. This is intended to be one piece of a larger array of tools at a mapper's disposal.

Actual adjustment controls will come as a follow-up effort.

IMPORTANT: This should not yet be used for offset locating. The waveforms are offset by an arbitrary amount from timing expectations. This will be addressed in the near future. It can still be used for BPM checking.

Smaller changes

  • Fix Timeline potentially not updating visuals to correct state on first display (#18390 by @peppy)
  • Remove TriangleButton usage in editor (#18392 by @peppy)
  • Handle beat divisor input on mouse down, rather than mouse up (#18394 by @peppy)
  • Move OverlayColourProvider provisioning of RoundedButton to SettingsButton for now (#18391 by @peppy)
  • Update beat snap divisor control to be more in line with new designs (#18393 by @peppy)
  • Update editor menu area to new design language (#18412 by @peppy)
  • Update bottom bar components to new design language (#18413 by @peppy)
  • Fix checkmarks not showing on editor stateful menu items (#18432 by @Joehuu)
  • Fix editor verify settings looking cramped up due to small width (#18447 by @frenzibyte)
  • Update row attribute background colour to fit screen (#18446 by @frenzibyte)
  • Darken background colour in "setup" and "verify" screens (#18445 by @frenzibyte)
  • Fix metronome speed not adjusted on different playback rates (#18448 by @frenzibyte)



Gameplay (osu!taiko)



  • Fix multiplayer race condition when starting gameplay (#18423 by @smoogipoo)
  • Handle server shutdown messages in room creation and spectator initialisation (#18421 by @peppy)


  • Add featured artist playlist category (#18437 by @peppy)
  • Fix beatmap badge colours not updated inline with recent changes (#18443 by @frenzibyte)



Move UI scale setup to the beginning of the first run setup (#18408 by @peppy)

When running on a device where the default UI scale is too large or small, this would be the first setting you want to change, so now it is shown first.

Selection sounds rework (ppy/osu-resources#195 by @nekodex)

Trying a more 'unified' set of selection sounds. This affects buttons, dropdowns, tab controls etc.

Smaller changes

  • Make "back" binding close opened dropdown menus (#18378 by @bdach)
  • Fix incorrect left/right clicking area of mod panels (#18383 by @Joehuu)
  • Disable select/deselect all buttons on mod overlay when they have no effect (#18419 by @bdach)
  • Stop outputting beatmap parse failures in a visible manner (#18435 by @peppy)

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