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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.515.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

Code Quality


Focus textbox upon opening control point popovers (#18220 by @frenzibyte)

To make it easier to adjust control point values on the go, now clicking on the points above/beneath objects will automatically focus the textbox for entering new values.

Add editor track traversal shortcut keys (Z-V) (#18252 by @peppy)

Functionality matches stable. Not adding customisation for now because it would be messy (they are duplicating existing keys for music control in some cases).

As a recap:

  • Z to return to the first object (or 0ms if already at the first object)
  • X to restart playback from 0ms
  • C to pause/resume playback
  • V to jump to the last object (or the end of the track if already at the last object)

Improve already-hit hit circle visibility, replacing "Hit Animations" toggle (#18239 by @peppy)

Dealing with the transform override logic that we had was a pain in the ass, and didn't really match my vision going forward (of the editor being an overlay and not messing with the gameplay objects).

This brings back full hitobject animations (removing the toggle) and adds a new "visibility" layer to the blueprint implementation. For now I've left this non-toggleable, but we can add a toggle - or even opacity/duration settings - based on feedback.

This is an initial version, but it mostly matches what people expect from the osu-stable editor. Feedback appreciated!

Smaller changes

  • Fix timeline not handling mouse down events (#18219 by @frenzibyte)
  • Fix distance snap providing zero-distance snaps incorrectly (#18234 by @peppy)
  • Fix slider ball rotation becoming undefined when time is not flowing smoothly (#18238 by @peppy)
    • Was most visible when seeking using the mouse wheel or arrow keys, where the slider ball would randomly change direction unexpectedly.
  • Fix toggling hit animations on the editor not applying immediately (#18237 by @peppy)
    • Fixed, but also removed in the end.

Gameplay (osu!)

  • Consider opacity of hit objects in Flashlight skill (#15665 by @MBmasher)
    • More details on this one coming soon, likely in a news post!



Change multiplayer leaderboard to always hide during gameplay unless holding-for-HUD (#18221 by @peppy)

Until now, it was up to the user to hide their whole HUD during gameplay to make the leaderboard go into compact mode. Now it's the default. You can still see it during gameplay by holding Ctrl (can be rebound in settings, see Hold for HUD binding).




Automatic error reporting is online (#18205 by @peppy)

Now when the game says an error was reported to us, it actually is! Along with the crash log, we also get some basic metrics on your client state that will let us diagnose the issue further. One remaining next step will be allowing you to attach a message explaining the issue to help us track down the cause.

With this change, we'll be tracking errors closer going forward.

Smaller changes

  • Fix potential crash when toggling editor toolboxes (#18180 by @frenzibyte)
  • Move exception soft-handling logic for mobile platform coverage (#18204 by @frenzibyte)
  • Fix some realm refetch operations potentially being unsafe (#18210 by @peppy)
  • Remove build suffix from version when reporting to sentry (#18216 by @peppy)
  • Add more context to sentry error reports (#18218 by @peppy)

Song Select

Add key binding to deselect all mods (#18264 by @peppy)

Defaults to Backspace. For those stable die-hards you can rebind this to 1 if you'd like, but I think getting used to the new default is in your best interest!

Smaller changes

  • Remove old mod overlay code (#18214 by @bdach)
  • Rename new mod select classes to "mod overlay" nomenclature (#18215 by @bdach)
  • Rename remaining references to "mod select screen" nomenclature (#18228 by @bdach)
  • Fix mods potentially adjusting track playback speed while not selected (#18211 by @frenzibyte)


  • Workaround interface mocks in TestSceneFirstRunSetupOverlay breaking with hot reload (#18206 by @frenzibyte)
  • Fix intermittent test failures in results screen (#18227 by @frenzibyte)



Initial full release of first-run setup overlay (#18207 by @peppy)

This turns on the first-run overlay. It has been implemented for a few weeks now, but was only visible if manually run. It's in a state where I think it's beneficial to have displayed on first run of the game, especially for new users.

If you are an existing lazer user, you will still see this once, it won't come back after you complete it.

Improvements include:

  • Better horizontal layout and font sizes, especially on weird aspect ratios
  • Loading spinners where required
  • Standardisation of button designs

There's still more to be done (input setup screen, key bindings screen) but we'll build on this going forward.

Add support for "spotlight" label in beatmap overlay/listing (#18263 by @frenzibyte)

Smaller changes

  • Fix next queued item not selecting after multiplayer match ends (#18171 by @smoogipoo)
  • Fix dropdown items' background being the wrong colour on first hover (#18179 by @peppy)
  • Fix buttons no longer coloured using OverlayColourProvider (#18191 by @frenzibyte)
  • Improve first run overlay layout (and switch on) (#18207 by @peppy)
  • Update channel visibilty behaviour in new chat overlay (#18181 by @jai-x)
  • Update new chat overlay day separator colours and spacing (#18127 by @jai-x)

Full Changelog: 2022.509.0...2022.515.0

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