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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.509.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

Code Quality

  • Replace NET6_0 with NET6_0_OR_GREATER instead (ppy/osu-framework#5149 by @frenzibyte)
  • Split SearchTextBox implementation for reusability (#18063 by @GSculerlor)
  • Add xmldoc and rename methods in IPositionSnapProvider for legibility (#18099 by @peppy)
  • Wrap BeatmapOnlineLookupQueue cache request in a task (#18102 by @frenzibyte)
  • Move caching specification to interface for several editor interfaces (#18101 by @peppy)
  • Add xmldoc for IDistanceSnapProvider and related properties (#18100 by @peppy)
  • Fix several issues with new mod select reference replacement logic (#18126 by @bdach)
  • Enforce code style analysis shipped with .NET SDK (#18065 by @huoyaoyuan)
  • Simplify and centralise hiding logic for mod overlay (#18145 by @peppy)
  • Update sentry error logging endpoint to self-hosted URI (#18124 by @ThePooN)


Add "distance spacing" multiplier support in editor for osu! ruleset (#16576 by @frenzibyte)

You can now (finally) adjust the distance spacing multiplier to a non-1.0x value. The distance spacing display will update in real-time.

Adjustments can also be performed using Ctrl+Alt+MouseWheel (but this can be changed in settings if you want to use something different).

Improve editor grid rendering (#18085 by @peppy)

The editor grid looked really blurry and uneven due to it being rendered in scale game pixels. To bring back the sharp feel that mappers are used to, grid lines are now rendered using hairline 1px lines. Note that this might look too thin on high DPI devices – we're planning to fix this in the future.

Adobe Photoshop 2021 2022-05-09 at 04 42 58

Add Ctrl+Y as an alternative binding for "redo" (ppy/osu-framework#5159 by @bdach)

We've supported Ctrl+Shift+Z since the beginning, but some users prefer using Ctrl+Y. Now you can.

Highlight distance snap grid rings that are close to the current time value (#18117 by @peppy)

The distance spacing grid display in lazer is quite powerful, but also a bit harder to understand than the version in osu!(stable), which only allowed snapping to the current point in time. To help make it easier to figure out what is going on, the grid circle at the current point in time will be brighter than the others.

Smaller changes

  • Add keybind for handling distance spacing scrolls in editor (#18070 by @frenzibyte)
  • Display toast notification on editor distance spacing changes (#18071 by @frenzibyte)
  • Fix clicks and drags around editor toolboxes resulting in unexpected interactions (#18088 by @peppy)
  • Fix toolbox expand being interrupted by gaps between groups (#18118 by @peppy)
  • Fix editor drag box visuals (#18121 by @peppy)
  • Fix distance snapping grid providing incorrect time values for non-1.0x spacing (#18103 by @peppy)
  • Fix user-contracted toolbox groups in editor incorrectly expanding on hover (#18120 by @peppy)
  • Fix per-hit object slider velocity ignored in osu!catch (#18147 by @ekrctb)
  • Fix catch editor juice stream and banana shower not shown in timeline while placement is waiting (#18149 by @ekrctb)
  • Fix duration is negative while placing banana shower in catch editor (#18158 by @ekrctb)


Gameplay (osu!)

Improve "Alternate" mod to reset at first object after break (#18017 by @frenzibyte)

Historically, the "alternate" mod required you to press the next alternating key after a long break, which can be a bit confusing. Now it will reset after a break, so you can start again with whichever key you wish.

Smaller changes

  • Fix Autoplay and Cinema not showing incompatibility with Alternate on hover, and made Alternate incompatible with Relax (#18097 by @Supersonicboss1)
  • Remove weird strict tracking icon and reword description to explain what the mod does (#18098 by @peppy)
  • Bring back slider ticks in "Strict Tracking" mod (#18094 by @apollo-dw)
    • There was no reason to remove them in this mod so now they are back, along with their hitsounds!



Fix countdown stopping at first completed minute rather than actual last minute (#18056 by @peppy)

Since the implementation of countdowns, the audio feedback was implemented in a bit of a weird way. If a countdown lasted for more than one minute, the final countdown would play when approaching the next minute, rather than the final seconds of the last minute.

Add support for traversing playlist items using next/previous bindings (#18090 by @peppy)

You can now use up and down arrows (by default) to navigate between beatmaps in a playlist.

Make exiting multiplayer a dangerous operation, requiring hold (#18069 by @peppy)

With the ability to customise the "hold-to-confirm" delay, some users have been setting this to immediately confirm (not requiring a hold) and then accidentally leaving multiplayer games. There is now a "dangerous" version of hold-to-confirm operations which enforces a hold regardless of the user setting, for situations where we want to be sure you are sure of what you're doing.

There's also some new scary visuals to convey the danger.

Smaller changes


  • Reduce sorting worst-case time complexity in difficulty calculation (#18067 by @smoogipoo)


  • Fix dialogs pushed to DialogOverlay too early potentially doing cross-thread transforms (#18093 by @peppy)
  • Fix toggling mods after exiting first run setup overlay at UI scale step causing stack overflow (#18141 by @bdach)
  • Prevent throwing exceptions on first run without internet (#18165 by @smoogipoo)


Remove dual-direction mouse wheel scrolling at results screen (#18155 by @frenzibyte)

Previously when using the mouse wheel to scroll at the results screen, it would sometimes scroll horizontally, and other times vertically. It was pretty confusing. Scroll is now locked to horizontal (but you can still drag to scroll vertically, which is handy if you have a high UI scale set).


Move difficulty graph toggle to individual skin settings (#17586 by @Joehuu)

As the skin editor becomes more feature complete, we are looking at moving settings to be attached to the components they affect, reducing clutter in the global settings overlay.

As a reminder, you can access the skin editor using Ctrl+Shift+S anywhere in the game. You can then click the progress bar to adjust this setting in its new location.

Song Select

Add key binding for moving between groups in song select (#18082 by @frenzibyte)

This can be found as global key bindings "Select next group" and "Select previous group". Currently they will work at song select and to switch between volume controls, but more usages will likely pop up in the future. Default bindings are Left and Right arrow keys, as always.

New "mod select" overlay (#18111 by @bdach)

Months in the making, meet the new mod select overlay! Aimed to better support the growing number of mods available in osu!, this initial implementation is only the beginning of what is to come. More features like search will come online in the near future.

We are aware of a few rough edges and will work to fix these over the coming releases, but feel free to provide feedback on how you find the new interface to use!

Smaller changes

  • Fix footer random button autosizing to text length (#18054 by @frenzibyte)
  • Port test coverage from old mod select overlay to new design (#18081 by @bdach)
  • Close new design's mod customisation area on escape press before exiting (#18108 by @bdach)
  • Fix mod panels not hovering correctly after closing customisation area via mouse on new mod select (#18119 by @bdach)
  • Remove leftover border thickness spec in mod settings area (#18122 by @bdach)
  • Add back select/deselect all mods buttons to new mod select design (#18130 by @bdach)
  • Add local back button to new mod select design (#18132 by @bdach)
  • Change mod scrolling behaviour to not scroll horizontally on columns/settings (#18133 by @frenzibyte)
  • Fix skin editor overlay showing behind mod select overlay (#18142 by @bdach)
  • Fix mod panel samples playing when using autoplay shortcut (#18151 by @bdach)
  • Scroll mod select slightly into view on first display (#18152 by @peppy)



  • Update overlay ruleset selector inline with osu-web design (#18021 by @frenzibyte)
  • Fix first-run overlay's song select applying track adjustments (#18051 by @peppy)
  • Adjust sheared button visuals to improve disabled / mousedown state (#18053 by @peppy)
  • Fix clicking anywhere in the beatmap overlay incorrectly dismissing it (#18052 by @peppy)
  • Implement new sheared search textbox design (#17915 by @GSculerlor)
  • Implement basic layout and behaviour of new chat overlay (#18033 by @jai-x)
    • A new design for the chat interface is nearing completion and will be coming in a future release.
  • Clamp maximum and minimum height the (new) chat overlay can be resized to (#18110 by @jai-x)
  • Fix clicking a guest user avatar opening a random user's profile page (#18116 by @peppy)
  • Fix side overlay offset not affecting fullscreen overlays (#18125 by @frenzibyte)
  • Hide empty columns on new mod select design (#18157 by @bdach)
  • Fix popup dialog potentially not clicking last button when dismissed (#18164 by @Joehuu)

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