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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.424.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Fix editor legacy beatmap skins not wrapped in LegacySkinTransformers by @frenzibyte in #17856
  • Split out IPerformFromScreenRunner to allow for easier testing by @peppy in #17863
  • Split out IDialogOverlay to allow for easier testing by @peppy in #17862
  • Update framework by @peppy in #17874
  • Split out INotificationOverlay to allow for easier testing by @peppy in #17865
  • Add debug language to help with localisation efforts by @peppy in #17879
  • Update paginated profile subsections to display items inline with web by @frenzibyte in #17873
  • Show login prompt directly when attempting to enter multiplayer by @neelkarma in #17880
  • Split out the base design of sheared overlay into its own abstract class by @peppy in #17894
  • Improve legacy hitcircle texture lookup to match 1:1 with stable by @frenzibyte in #17878
  • Add extension points to new mod select screen required to replace old design by @bdach in #17853
  • Use existing web localisation for most hardcoded strings by @Joehuu in #17899
  • Move Code Quality check to top of list + fix inspection by @smoogipoo in #17903
  • Implement ChannelList for new chat design by @jai-x in #17833
  • Visually improve AnchorOriginVisualiser by @EVAST9919 in #17904
  • Fix TestSceneSkinnableSound not working under visual tests by @peppy in #17907
  • Update framework by @peppy in #17914
  • Calculate sample playback position using screen-space drawable rectangles by @frenzibyte in #17860
  • Add first run setup dialog by @peppy in #17881
  • Specify web proxy in SignalR connection building by @peppy in #17902
  • Fix flaky test in free mod select test scene by @bdach in #17917
  • Display beatmap guest participations in user profile by @frenzibyte in #17921
  • Fix incorrect settings state if searching too quickly (during load process) by @peppy in #17823
  • Fix high star ratings not being easily visible on tooltips by @peppy in #17923
  • Fix regression in settings filter display by @peppy in #17931
  • Allow selecting mods regardless of incompatibility state on new mod select by @bdach in #17918
  • Add better click-to-dismiss logic for sheared overlays by @peppy in #17905
  • Convert first run setup to use new ShearedOverlayContainer by @peppy in #17906
  • Fix legacy skin hit animation lookup falling back to LookupName by @frenzibyte in #17939
  • Fix page up / down in SectionsContainer with fixed header skipping content by @frenzibyte in #17956
  • Allow any key to trigger the osu! cookie in the initial state by @Susko3 in #17950
  • Disable first run screen from appearing on startup until it is more complete by @peppy in #17957
  • Remove localisation of "hide" string to fix incorrect case by @peppy in #17958
  • Add joystick/gamepad deadzone setting by @maromalo in #17942
  • Fix settings overlay components not invalidating presence on filter change by @frenzibyte in #17937
  • Fix nested song select in first-run dialog fiddling with global audio by @peppy in #17930

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