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3 months ago

Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.418.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Fix ParticleSpewer outputting NaN values in vertices by @smoogipoo in #17743
  • Fix potential crash in DrawableRoom due to lack of null check on post-lookup beatmap by @peppy in #17761
  • Avoid throwing unobserved exception when PerformancePointsCounter requests timed attributes by @peppy in #17762
  • Fix incorrect cursor parameterisation in test scene by @smoogipoo in #17764
  • Fix MultiplayerTestScene not setting match type correctly by @peppy in #17765
  • Fix skins getting duplicated when importing after export by @peppy in #17773
  • Refactor multiplayer gameplay leaderboard tests to remove reliance on Test implementations by @peppy in #17767
  • Fix dialog dangerous button being clickable at edges by @frenzibyte in #17776
  • Refactor GameplayChatDisplay test scene to not require MultiplayerTestScene inheritance by @peppy in #17791
  • Refactor TestSceneRankRangePill to not depend on TestMultiplayerClient by @peppy in #17789
  • Fix MultiplayerMatchFooter test crash due to missing PopoverContainer by @peppy in #17792
  • Remove usages of binary serialization by @huoyaoyuan in #17790
  • Fix multiple issues in ReplayDownloadButton test scene by @peppy in #17788
  • Fix multiple issues with gameplay leaderboard (and tests) by @peppy in #17786
  • Upgrade Resharper to 2022.1.0-eap10 by @smoogipoo in #17814
  • Add inspectcode CI cache by @smoogipoo in #17816
  • Adjust hold to confirm animation curve to better show intention by @peppy in #17815
  • Handle virtual track string to avoid throwing later in lookup by @peppy in #17818
  • Fix UI scale being applied unevenly, causing elements to move around relative to each other by @peppy in #17819
  • Apply new rider metadata changes by @peppy in #17821
  • Add keyword "delay" to hold-to-confirm activation time setting by @frenzibyte in #17820
  • Add background dim effect to inactive settings sections by @frenzibyte in #17822
  • Refactor TestSceneMatchStartControl to avoid usage of TestMultiplayerClient by @peppy in #17802
  • Fix spectator not starting from current player position by @peppy in #17302
  • Update framework by @peppy in #17828
  • UI SFX Tweaks by @nekodex in #17829
  • Fix run-from-menu operations not working correctly when initiated from inside multiplayer by @peppy in #17817
  • Use zh-Hant instead of zh-TW by @smoogipoo in #17785

Full Changelog: 2022.409.0...2022.418.0

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