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Thanks for following along! This is a tagged release (2022.409.0). For more information check out the osu! changelog page and dev blog.

What's Changed

  • Ensure intro beatmap has protected flag set by @peppy in #17679
  • Fix dangerous realm operation in TestSceneMultiplayerMatchSongSelect by @peppy in #17677
  • Centralise exception handling of MultiplayerClient calls by @peppy in #17576
  • Change WorkingBeatmap.GetVirtualTrack to use length provided by BeatmapInfo by @peppy in #17678
  • Remove some outdated packages by @huoyaoyuan in #17683
  • Implement basic layout & behaviour of new mod select screen by @bdach in #17631
  • Add MP lobby 'warning' SFX for the final seconds of countdown by @nekodex in #17699
  • Fix replay button being disabled when available locally but not online by @Joehuu in #17698
  • Fix storyboard animations getting incorrect positioning due to size not being set by @peppy in #17701
  • Fix filename lookups on LegacySkins going awry when extension is specified by @peppy in #17700
  • Fix skin texture lookups not handling paths with extensions by @frenzibyte in #17708
  • Add support for 12-hour time on toolbar clock by @perrymacmurray in #17670
  • Fix multiple issues with bindable safety in SkinEditor components by @peppy in #17704
  • Add and assert thread safety of MultiplayerClient.Room by @peppy in #17721
  • Ensure that mods grouped into multi mods are pairwise incompatible by @bdach in #17714
  • Fix DrawableStoryboardAnimation to handle skin fallback frame count similar to stable by @peppy in #17703
  • Fix potential assert failure due to Room access from disconnection event by @peppy in #17724
  • Update framework by @peppy in #17726
  • Avoid multiplayer crashes when events arrive in unexpected order by @peppy in #17725
  • Remove some incorrectly-firing asserts by @smoogipoo in #17728
  • Fix crash when clicking chat mention notification before opening chat overlay by @peppy in #17731

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